Occurred: 1998-01-30 18:50:00 Local
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Shape: Orb
Duration: 3.5 minutes
No of observers: 2
Reported: 1998-01-31 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 1998-03-07 00:00:00

Time: 1850 CST; location: 40nm SSW Dallas; altitude: 6000feet I am a pilot. I was flying into the DFW metroplex on the evening of January 30, 1998. It was a clear night. At approximately 6:50 local time, I noticed what appeared to be a very bright star above and slightly to the right of my course. This object was very high and accelerating, albeit slowly. I thought that it was a meteor, at first. I noticed its acceleration and gave extreme notice. It was then that I noticed the second object ahead of the first and traveling in the same direction (north). The second object was much smaller and less bright. Both objects moved to within a few degrees of directly north. The first object began a slight, curving turn to the left and began to fade away ( as if to move into the earths shadow ). A few seconds later, the second object faded from view and with no turning noticed, as with the preceding object. They disappeared in the reference vicinity of two stars to the distant left and 'below' teh orion constellation. I notified a friend who was behind me by some miles in his aircraft (40 - 50 nm). He remarked that it was probably an aircraft, given the large number of them in the area. This was not possible. I have seen aircraft all of my life. These objects had none of the characteristics of aircraft and were either in the extreme upper atmoshere or in space. They looked very similar to satellites moving overhead. This is unlikely, in my opinion, due to the fact that the first object began a slight, parabolic turn to my left. Approximately 2 minutes after the initial sighting, the objects reappeared in the same fasion as before. They moved in the same fashion and direction as previously noticed. The smaller object was in the lead, as before. I noticed them this second time directly above. They moved in the same direction as before in almost an identical path. The fact that I saw them a second time is why I am writing this. If these objects were satellites, they would not have been seen twice, moving in identical fashion along the same route. During this second sighting, the! re was no turning motion seen. They were directly in tandem and some distance apart. My friend behind me observed the same phenomenon and stated that he saw the objects turn slowly to the right. I did not observe this. I did observe that they 'faded' from view in virtually the same position as before. They were not seen again. Approximately 2 minutes after the second sighting, I queried ATC to the effect of ' did they see two objects very high directly above Dallas aand at extreme altitude'. The response was 'negative'. I have a question for my reader-Does the space shuttle move south-north? Is it capable of retracing its path in a very short time, in what must have been a large distance? Can it turn in orbit to appear to be curving to one side? This is the only possible solution I can give. Given the fact that there were two objects, I am at a loss for an explanation.

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