NUFORC UFO Sighting 3048

Occurred: 1998-01-24 05:45 Local
Reported: 1998-01-25 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 5 hours
No of observers: 6

Location: Kaneohe, HI, USA

Shape: Triangle

Summary : Saw a very large (size of a school bus) bright light wide triangular shape in the sky hovering above a nearby mountain. Then second craft about a mile above us racing over our heads at an incredible speed that came to a dead stop unlike any aircraft.

It was Saturday morning 1/24/98. The time was 5:45am. It was unusual I was up so early (for some unknown reason) after having a long 15 hour work day. I was wide awake so I turned on my television and sat on my couch when I noticed a peculiar bright light in the corner of my eye coming from my kitchen window. I got up from the couch to get a closer look and it did'nt seem to be moving. It was a very large (size of a school bus?) bright light in the sky just hovering above a nearby mountain (apprx.4 miles away). From my distant view the light was clearly shaped like a very wide letter "A". I immediately told my wife who first thought I was teasing then responding with a jump out of bed after my unsettled behavior. She quickly acknowledged this was definetly no plane, no helicopter and no weather balloon. We both ran outside to get a closer look. I then called my brother who lives next door, who joined us with his 3 children aged 12,13 & 15. All eyes were totally glued to the sky for a good 2 hours as the craft very slowly ascended. It's movement was so slow it took the 2 hours for the craft to become just a speck in the sky, at which time it came to a dead stop. It was about 10 minutes later after the craft had stopped that we then were alarmed by a second craft about a mile above us racing over our heads at an incredible speed that I have never seen before from any aircraft. I had been to air shows before watching such events like Thunderbirds & Blue Angels and is somewhat familiar with jet speed. To better describe the speed at which the second craft was moving is to take your hand and put it on top of your head and fling it forward as fast as you can. By doing this you can experience the same feeling we all had from the second craft. It was the speed from the second craft that confirmed that the first very slow craft was a genuine UFO. To continue with the second craft maneuvers - after streaking through the sky it came to a dead stop and then also hovered over the same mountain as the first craft di! d. Now we could see both craft within our sight of view. The first in the very very far distant and now the second craft which we could'nt determine it's simular shape until it had come to a stop atop the mountain. The second craft hovered for about 5 minutes and just disappeared. We did'nt see it streak off or anything; we just could'nt see it anymore. We all just said "where did it go"? The first craft was still just a speck in the sky and just stayed in the now bright sky (getting hard to maintain a constant view in the daylight) by which time our eyes were irritated and we just got tired of looking at it so long. But before I went inside I remebered it's location in the sky by using some telephone wires to refer to as a guide to where it's location was. 3 to 4 hours later I went outside and it was still there. Went to work told some fellow co-workers, made some more phone calls in addition to earlier conversations with the police station and a military base (felt foolishly uncomfortable) to see if anyone had reported any sightings to no avail - bought a telescope came home that night 9 hours later and it was still there. Frantically I set up the Celestron scope with a 4 1/2" (114mm) x 910mm accommodated by a 10 & 25mm lense and 1/2 hour later went outside with it where we had a clear view but not a satisfied magnification of it. My wife and I was sure and precise to it's location but we lost interest after a couple of hours when it would no longer perform for us. As I sit and type this report 42 hours later from that first moment I saw that bright light outside my kitchen window......(pause) I stopped to look at my now frequent favorite spot in the sky between the telephone wires and see what looks like a distant star in our exact location......will it move again? Who knows? You can bet we will keep looking. But, it has been nice to tell our experience to someone after those foolish sounding phone calls. However foolish, to see what we saw was fun and exciting and a previlege to have had a little disc! overy channel stuff right in our backyard. Thanks for your time - we are your newest fans of your great web site and the job that your doing.....maybe you can reccommend a quality telescope with photographic capabilities. Thanks again!

Posted 1998-03-07

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