Occurred: 1972-06-24 23:00:00 Local
Location: Buffalo, NY, USA
Shape: Disk
Duration: ?
No of observers: 3
Reported: 2003-03-14 16:57:45 Pacific
Posted: 2003-03-21 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Landed

A disk like object hovering over a lamp post, Red lights circling around it.

When I was 14 years old, two of my brothers and myself were standing in front of our house. The night was clear and warm, we were enjoying the beginning of summer. As we were sitting on the porch, we heard a humming sound. All three of us looked up and saw a saucer shaped craft hovering above a lamp post. It hovered for a few minutes, then it started to move away at a slow pace. My brothers and I proceeded to follow it, going up a side street by our house. We followed it all the way to a school (# 3) by our home. It landed on the roof of the school, then disappeared. My brothers and myself were back in front of the house, without knowing how we got there. To this very day I cannot remember how we got there. One of my brothers has since passed away, the other brother has been diagnosed with epilepsy. I have been diagnosed with lupus. Is this conincidence, or did something unexplainable happen to us that night? I continue to have vivid dreams of UFO's, cornfields, airplanes, and the like all the time. I watch the Sightings regularly, in hopes of finding someone who has experienced something similar to what my brothers and myself did. I have seen people on the program describing their experiences, and it sounds like they are living my life. It is a very eerie feeling. I want to find out what happened to the lost time, and how we got back home. I am 45 years old now, and it is still a mystery that i cannot let go of.


Date is approximate. PD

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