NUFORC Sighting 27712

Occurred: 2003-02-14 20:48 Local
Reported: 2003-02-15 12:07 Pacific
Duration: 10 minutes

Location: Burbank, CA, USA

Shape: Light

Strange orange light over Burbank Ca, it appeard to land in one of my sightings.

I am still the same person that sent now 2 sightings to this site I have over 30 video taped sightings of this craft over Burbank California. This time it appeared on 2/14/04 at 8:48 at night when I looked outside my window it appeared very high and flickering like it was going to disappear. I could not tell if it was throwing anything down this time but it appeared to disappear for 2 seconds and come back very bright. and then it disappeared all togther and did not appear again. I did not tape it because it was right outside my room looking out my window and I thought it was about to disappear. Then at about 9:27 at night same day 2/14/03 I saw it again, but this sighting was not like the rest of the sightings I saw it very far away, I saw it up stairs in my room again. It was very far away from my area and it appeared to be coming down slowly. It came down slowly then hovered very low to the ground then it came low enough to where my vision was blocked by trees and buildings. This I would have to say was my strangest sighting of it, I was having doubts on my self whether it was the same orange object i see or something else, because it was so far away i could not tell. But from where i was it appeared to vbe the same orange object very bright, and it appeared to land very far away from me. I am sure that since it was that low that others had to have seen it.


We have received a number of reports of these lights seen in the vicinity of Burbank, and surrounding areas. We understand that the Burbank Police Department believes that the multiple appearances of these lights are the result of young people releasing hot-air balloons, powered by some type of pyrotechnic device. PD

Posted 2003-03-11

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