NUFORC Sighting 27525

Occurred: 1986-08-15 23:25 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2003-02-04 12:58 Pacific
Duration: 30 min
No of observers: 5

Location: Newberg, OR, USA

Shape: Triangle

tranguler sighting on the west coast , lights , fast moving at times and chased by the airforce

@ approx 11:oo pm. I stepped outside and observerd a triangle shaped large craft cross directly over me heading south. the craft was only 100 ft or so above me it was silent and made of a metalic substance. It moved from north to south accross my path at about a walking pace. and then i observed it on the top of my parents roof as it circled my town. for nearly one half hour. as it went over me i noticed 3 large circles of light at each corner of the trianlguler shape with small osolating lights which were olong all sides of the craft as a peramiter. it also had large bright search light simuler to head lights on what apperad to be the front of the craft facing out in the direction the craft was propelling. then after abserving this craft for a while through my binoculers I started to here a rumble in the distance heading in the direction of the craft. the craft made a sudden move the stoped the three large lights came together at the center of the craft got very bright and in a flash of light heading due east vanishied with a streak of light . a moment later i heard what appeared to be military jets then saw them as the flew over my town in the direction of the craft but i imagine never cought sight of the craft again as it was way to fast compared to our jets. as the exsightment was gone i left the rooftop and turned on my fathers scanner floods of reports were being iterceped by the local dispatcher and i herd him say it was a blimp ! ok but the next day i spoke with several eye witnesess to the sighting and the reported to my the exact event conclution were not alone .. thankyou ((nickname deleted))


Date is approximate. Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD

Posted 2003-02-05

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