NUFORC UFO Sighting 27303

Occurred: 1978-06-15 19:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2003-01-26 03:53 Pacific
Duration: 2 Mins.
No of observers: 3

Location: Madison Heights, VA, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Emitted other objects

Circular lighted object sighted

Me and two of my friends were outside chatting when we heard a weied hum sound it was very faint but we could still hear it so we looked around and didnt see anything right away then i looked up and saw a circular shaped object with lights in the circular pattern and what appeared to be a flame or something coming from the center it looked to be about 200 feet or less from the rooftops of the houses in our neighborhood we watched it for a couple mins. cause we were amazed at what was happening it mover very slow so i knew then it wasnt any type of aircraft that i knew of but then again i was 11 at the time but it sticks in my head like it happend just yesterday after we watched it we ran inside while it was still out there to get our parents so they too could see it but when we got out it was gone but we did see something far off in the distance moving fast and ever since that day i've watched the skys a little closer

Posted 2003-03-21

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