Occurred: 1981-10-30 23:00 Local
Reported: 2002-11-27 23:42 Pacific
Duration: five seconds
No of observers: 3

Location: West Elk Wilderness Area, CO, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Landed

Bright round ball. several thousand MPH leveled off to one thousand MPH zig zaged through dense timber, no sound no projected light

A brightly lit white perfectly round ball estimated fifty feet in width dropped in a straight line almost as fast as a shooting star and began to make slight serpentine motions as it slowed down. As it slowed futher the zig zaging of the craft became much more radical until it was making large sweeping switchback turns going from a speed of several thousand miles per hour to about one thousand miles per hour. We were witnessing this from a distance of about one mile away. The craft looked intensely bright at it's core. As it leveled off at the tree line in the dense forest that it was flying into one would have thought that it would light up the whole forest around it. However it did not emit this light out because as it disappeared in and out of the dense forest that it was zig zagging in and out of, it dissapeared totally and then reappeared with no light projecting on to the trees. So it didn't project light as we know it. It looked extremely bright at it's core but the light did not emit out beyond that core. It had the ability to zig zag in and out of heavy black timber at a speed of nearly one thousand miles per hour. It didn't bump any trees or make a single sound of any kind. I was with two other men that can verify this if they are willing. They got pretty scared over the whole thing and wouldn't talk to anyone afterwards but I've been very gabby telling everyone I know about it. I'm sorry that the reporting was back in 1981 before I contacted anyone but frankly I didn't know who to tell until I came across this site on the dinternet. I also have another sighting to tell about that happened only three years ago and I have a credible witness to that one who I'm sure will talk about it. I'll fill out another report on a different form to report the second sighting.


Date may be approximate, althought the witness does not indicate that. PD

Posted 2002-12-23

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