Occurred: 1968-01-20 19:00:00 Local
Location: Gloucester, NJ, USA
Shape: Disk
Duration: 5min. & 5min.
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2002-11-25 20:37:30 Pacific
Posted: 2002-12-23 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aircraft nearby

Myself and a girlfriend were laying in the backseat of a car parked on a lonely street next to a power house, old factories, and a water tower. The girl said look at that so I looked up and out the window in the back and I saw this saucer and the bottom was swirling and making a swirling sound it was spinning up near the water tower and it had a small part ontop of the saucer and there were three windows and the light was blinking from one window to the next it was grayish. I thought I have to get to the drivers seat and get out of here and all the time I was thinking if I move something might happen but I got into the drivers seat when I started the engine the saucer went up in the sky within a fraction of a second and I could see it way up in the sky. I saw this one airplane come across the sky towards it and the saucer went down and then another plane came from the other way and the saucer went up in between both planes, one plane above it and the other plane below it. Then I started to go and the saucer seemed to move along with the car. We went to get someone to bring them back to show them because no one would believe us. We went to her house but no one was home and then we went to a store were I hung out with friends and no one was there and then to my house and no one was there. My house was about a quarter mile from it so all I had to do was drive straight down my street which was next to the Delaware River across from Philadelphia the south part of Philadelphia. A couple miles to the north was the main part of Philadelphia and south was the Phil. National Airport. Across the river was industrial and docks and the Eagles football stadium. As I drove down my street I would pass the town park and then onto another street there were about 10 oil tanks and then the industrial park were I saw the saucer. I kept going down the street (ALL THIS WAS DURING NIGHT TIME) and I got half way past the oil tanks, which were along the river to my right, and just before the water tower I got scared and said to my friend that I can not go back there and I turned left onto this street and all of a sudden three of the brightist lights I ever saw came shinning in the back window. It seemed as if the or what ever it was came from behind the oil tanks and from the river and it seemed as if it was in the air and shinning the lights down from up in the sky. I put the gas peddle to the floor and took off as fast as the car would go. I was about to come up to a cross street which was a major road and this intersection was one of the worst in town for accidents but I did not care I went through the stop sign and went right across the street and when I got to houses were people lived I felt safer and slamed on my brakes and got out to look and that fast there was no more lights. I asked my girlfriend what happen and she said when I put the brakes on it went off to the right of us.

Well, I have never seen another saucer but a lot of times I can hear that swirling sound out side in the sky when I am in the house and it is quite. I asked the girl I was with at that time if she had ever seen one before and she said yes. Its been over thirty years but I have never seen her again but I hope I run into her to ask her if she had seen anymore. jAlso my science teacher said it was probably a weather baloon and the lights we saw was from an airplane but an airplane could not fly that low.

Everyone said were seeing things and never believed us but I believe there was something to back my story up to be true. Like I said this happened in 1968 and around the early 1980's the government attack force of the USA, and they never told anyone the Mayor or Police Chief or anyone that the were going to do this, attacked the industrial building behind the water tower and next to the oil tanks. I read it in the city news paper and when they attacked the building it woke up residents that lived down the street and a couple blocks away. The governments answer was that they were just practicing.

The building they attacked was a place called GAF which is strang because I read a group that deals with UFO's and the organization name is GAF. Also I read somewere that tin or alluminum was used for spacecrafts, which I do not know is true or not, but this building made alluminum siding and they said that there was contamination in the building which closed in the mid 1970's.

Well, thats all I have to say.


Date is approximate. PD

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