Occurred: 1996-08-14 22:00:00 Local
Location: Cancun (Mexico), , Mexico
Shape: Other
Duration: 5 minutes
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2002-08-26 20:30:27 Pacific
Posted: 2002-08-28 00:00:00
Characteristics: Left a trail

Points of lights in Cancun 96

I am responding only because I saw another post regarding this similar incident in the same place..

First off, I have about 10 years behind a telescope, and do plenty of CCD imaging, and have seen everything from Weather balloons and satellites, to Venus in all phases and although I never had a chance to image anything unusual, I have seen plenty of oddities that I couldn't explain.

My trip to Cancun prompted me to take a look at the night time sky and see a whole new bunch of constellations, and when my wife and I were walking the beach, I noticed 3 or 4 points of lights, very much starlike, but moving in such a crazy fashion at 90 degree angles and at light streaking speed, notice I said light streaking, because that was exactly what I saw, dispelling any possibility of a ground based beam of light pointing upward.

They left a streak like tail when they moved.

They danced among each other, there may have been more, but I was focusing in one area.

They also seemed to move 3 dimensionally upward, another thing hard to duplicate with ground based lights.

There was no sound, no other color, just a white point of light..

I have seen laser shows, but I have never seen a white laser, unless the goverment has these, but as far as I know Green and red are the only ones....

These also definately weren't satellites, those move in deliberate slow paths, one direction, no change in direction...

Some people will say, you saw a meteorite.

Meteorites also move in a streaking fashion, and other than one bouncing and skipping along the outer atmosphere, they too move pretty much in one direction, and last for at most 3 or 4 seconds where most last a few tenths of a second.

I would say I was pretty amazed at what it was, because I like to think at least I have a clue on this subject, and not try to pass off a badly focused Venus as a UFO.

There are many hoaxes I see that are easily explained, like pulsating ufos in video cameras.

Unless manually focused to infinity, just about all cameras will make Venus or any bright star pulsate, and give it an orangish glow.

Bet you will rarely see a video of a ufo with a tree or house for reference in view, I saw one on the news and it was Venus, it moved in unison with the tree in the front yard, and the person tried to say it was a UFO, and the journalist who did the story got an earful from me.

He says, it was right there for 3 hours, then it was gone...

Low in the southwest sky, big tip off right there.

In any case, what I saw was pretty obvious, and though I don't intentionally look for Ufo's, I do know that what I saw in Cancun was far beyond anything I had ever seen before.

I also mentioned this to a few people in Cancun, and my Dive instructor says he see'e them all the time when out doing night dives, away from the localized light pollution.

That's why I assume there could have been many more.\ Based on comparison with area stars these points of moving lights were around 3rd magnitude.


Date is approximate. PD

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