Occurred: 2002-07-22 02:00 Local
Reported: 2002-07-22 23:30 Pacific
Duration: 1 hour +
No of observers: 3

Location: Mississauga (Canada), ON, Canada

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

I find it odd to be writing another report of a weird occurrence. It was 2.00am last night a storm had rolled through Mississauga and then on over Toronto. My sons called me to their bedroom to see what they said were weird lights in the sky over the lake. What I witnessed at first was a series of lights on the clouds which at first I took to be spot lights from the ground illuminating the clouds a not uncommon experience. My opinion of this changed when one of the twisting rotating lights in the clouds suddenly got to the edge of the cloud, when it did it was brighter than the sun to look at. This went on for over an hour with the lights wiggling and constantly appearing at the edge of the cloud as these immensely bright spots of light. A second storm was rolling in from the west behind us, there were some huge flashes of lightning inside the clouds which of course illuminated the entire sky as these took place it was obvious that there was a very large triangular object in the clouds, the repeated flashes and the blocking of light (shadow) that this thing caused made it obvious that it was indeed solid. From one flash to the next it had moved horizontally and had got smaller indicating that it was higher. After about 6 or 7 lightning flashes it was no longer visible. I went back to looking at the lights spinning through the sky above the lake. They started to slow down and remain in one place but always glowing, there was a sort of illuminated grid pattern (hard to explain) but like a rectangle with square dull lights in a grid pattern like a an old fashioned multipaned window is as best as I can describe it. This was evident for only a matter of seconds, when it disappeared the lights started squiggling in a sinuous manner, this they would do as they darted across the top of the clouds, constantly they would appear at the edge of the cloud and sparkle from blue white to an intense amber colour. I left to answer the call of nature, when I came back only one light remained, constantly lit and very bri! ght. The others had (this according to my two adult sons) moved in a wobbling and sinusoidal way out of sight to the south west. The last light remained in place very bright for over ten minutes, it then moved up into the clouds getting fainter until it completely disappeared. I am aware that alot of folks will think that we observed a simple thunderstorm, what we saw has nothing to do with any storm. It was remote from it, intelligent and from what we saw obviously solid in nature. I have seen some of these things many times now, and I am becoming convinced that there is some form of intelligent control of this phenomena. Our vantage point to see this event is a 15th floor apartment very near the lake, our view goes from the WSW all the way to ESE plus a little bit.

Posted 2002-07-26

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