NUFORC UFO Sighting 22447

Occurred: 2002-04-01 23:30 Local
Reported: 2002-04-05 23:10 Pacific
Duration: 15 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Orangeville (Canada), ON, Canada

Shape: Rectangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

The following incident took place Monday night (April 1st but this is no joke) sometime around 11:30 p.m., in a rural area about 15 minutes (18 km) north of Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.

I was not home at the time, as I was away on a family, medical emergency, followed by a funeral. When my husband joined me on the day of the funeral, he told me of this incredible sighting, and believes it could have been a UFO. He is not absolutely sure that it was a UFO, but he has never seen anything like it before. Also, he isn't particularly interested in UFO's, but he knows enough on the subject, through me, to realize that what he was seeing would definitely fit the description of similar sightings.

We live on a flight path to Pearson, International Airport outside of Toronto, so we are used to the sounds and sights of planes, including flashing lights, their shapes, and sounds, etc. However, what he saw was completely unfamiliar. He was just opening the bedroom window, before going to bed. The window winds outwards, and faces north-east, and as he glanced to the north, 4 very, bright lights caught his eye, as they must have just passed through our property, heading northwards. He said the object was completely silent. We live in the country, so we know the sound of silence, and are aware of the times when it is disrupted even slightly.

He described the object as appearing to be one, long completely flat, and rectangular craft (from the angle he was seeing it..retreating). The lights were flashing or blinking in a pattern, as opposed to being like beams or spotlights, and they were very, bright white. The object appeared to be descending in a manner that he described with the motion of his hands, (difficult to translate to this page) and it was as though it was descending in steps, as opposed to a smooth transition. It quickly, and completely disappeared from his view, as it dropped beyond the horizon, just beyond the tiny, hamlet of Mono Centre, located approximately 1/2 kilometer north of our house. Also, there is a large, Provincial park, just beyond Mono Centre, where the object appeared to descend. He described its' movements as quick and completely silent. He was literally stunned, and knew how disappointed I would be that I wasn't there to share the experience. I don't know if this is relevant but there is an Canadian, armed forces base, north of here...Camp Borden.

Our approximate, geographical location is North/West of Toronto, Ontario - 1 hr.& 15-30 minute drive (75 km). We are on apaved road that runs between Airport Rd. & Highway #10 (Hurontario St.) about 15 minutes (18 km) north of Highway #9 and 15 minutes (18 km) south of Highway #89 and approximately 15 minutes (18 km) north/east from Orangeville, Ontario.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has reported this sighting, particularly, as UFO sightings have increased by 44% in Canada.

Posted 2002-04-08

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