NUFORC Sighting 21487

Occurred: 2002-01-14 20:30 Local
Reported: 2002-01-19 22:28 Pacific
Duration: 15 - 20 min
No of observers: 6

Location: Coupeville, WA, USA

Shape: Unknown
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

strange object appearing to hover turns from bright white to red.

My family and I were heading south towards Coupeville on highway 20. At the start of a straightaway that's just over a mile in length, a brightly lit airplane appeared to be flying towards us from just above the trees at the opposite end of the stretch of road we were traveling. Having a Navel base near by and a small airport even closer, aircraft are common and none of us gave it a second thought. Once at the end of the straightaway the highway veers and proceeds to the left, the object was still in the same spot although now to view it one would have to look up out of the car windows on the right side and look through the branches of the trees. It seemed to travel along side us for another mile where I turned right onto a side road to get a better view where now the object in fact paused momentarily and slowly moved down the hill towards the water and the town of Coupeville on the other side. The object was moving slow enough that I was able to turn left onto the street I live, stop at my house, run inside grab my digital camera. Get back to the car drive to the end of the street where it meets back up with highway 20, get out and snap a few pictures. The object more clear to us now appeared to have several sources of light close together, mainly white but later turning red (unlike that of an airplane). The object turned left and started heading east traveling along the opposite shoreline. Just past the town the object again took another left which put the little airport mentioned earlier, in its path. We decided to go to the airport and wait to see if indeed it was an airplane. No airplane landed and the object was gone.

The night was clear and the sound of jets could not be heard and the prop sounds from smaller aircraft was not heard. It was not until twenty minuets after arriving back at our house could the navel jets be heard throttling their engines. To my knowledge no other reports were made. Although the following day there was an unfamiliar navel plane flying low through the area just before dusk, with a strange array of lights on its wings and body. Large bright lights arranged in the shape of a triangle with a red flashing light in the center of the three. That night the plane flew over the area again, slow and at a low altitude. The sounds of the engines were audible. In this area it is very uncommon to see any navel aircraft flying in that pattern and altitude.

Posted 2002-01-29

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