Occurred: 1998-02-28 23:30:00 Local
Location: Columbus, OH, USA
Reported: 2001-12-03 03:35:08 Pacific
Posted: 2001-12-05 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object, Changed Colo

I just sent a report a few minutes ago, about something seen in Columbus OH, on I270, First, i just realised that 22:30 is not 11:30 civillian time, so my report should actually be 23:30 or more specifically 11:40 ish. I have been thinking about it more, and wanted to add that the lights seemed to change positions, like they were morphing or somthing, not going off and another going on, just like it was reconfiguring. and at any given time it seemed circular because of the way the lights would spin, but there were three, giving the impression that it was a triangle, the lights were in a triangle shape, but seemd to be on a circular object because of their movement. This is hard to explain. BUt there were three points of light rotating in a circular pattern as the object moved, with white light in the center. Also, i forgot to check the box that said approximate date. I know it was somewhere in the last 2 weeks of february, but not certain of the exact date, though i know the exact time. Also, i am so excited because i jsut saw a report from someone, saying thay saw something similar in the same time frame, and just so you know they said morse and westerville rds in columbus, my mom lives near the intersection of morse and westerville!!!! That is the direction that i saw it, as i had just entered the freeway from morse rd!! I don't feel like a crazy person anymore.....=) Someone else saw it too!!!! Their report is listed as 2/20/98. Maybe not on the same night as me, but it could be,I won't swear to the exact day, but at a similar time and place!! I know generally when it was because my mom had a serious illness and i was taking care of her, but i kinda forgot exactly! Also, if you look at their report, they described it perfectly, way better than i did, but i could see it in my mind again, just as they described. I am certain we saw the same object.

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