NUFORC Sighting 20073

Occurred: 1962-07-10 10:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2001-11-05 11:10 Pacific
Duration: 2 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Tannersville, NY, USA

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Left a trail, Aircraft nearby

1962 shiny object flying over New York Catskills south to north at approx 10,000 feet with two USAF jets chasing it.

When I was young, my sister and I saw a UFO. It was during the day and would have been between 1960 and 1962. I lean more toward 1962. We were just sent outside so I think it was summer. I believe that it was mid morning, say about 10am. The object flew from south to north. It was at an angle of about 10 degrees from vertical. We could not see the object, it was shiny. Like it may have been a mirrored ball with a very bright light shining on it. It left a vapor or smoke trail. It took approximately 60 seconds to travel from horizon to horizon. I do not remember it making any noise. I did not see the object disappear over the northern horizon as I was yelling for my mother and ran inside to get her. When we came back out it was gone and only the vapor trail remained. Shortly two delta winged jets appeared chasing the vapor/smoke trail of this object. You could hear the noise of the jets. Now I could tell they were delta winged but I could not read the lettering or the symbols on the aircraft. I would hazard to guess perhaps F106's. I am going to guess that they were at about ten thousand feet or higher. We saw them crisscross the vapor trail. I feel that they were traveling fast but not as fast as the object. I could not tell if they were going overtop or under the vapor trail though for some reason I have a feeling that they were flying under it. The location of this incident was in the Northern Catskills of New York. The village of Tannersville is approximately 110 miles north of New York City and about 30 miles west of the Hudson River. I have not talked about this for many years and I am just curious. I watched the news that night. At that time we got two channels out of Albany NY, and nothing was mentioned about a meteor or anything such. I know that there had to be other people that saw this phenomena. Now I have to say that I do not know what it was. It could have been some sort of experimental aircraft. I may have been a meteor though I feel it was flying entirely to ! slow and the jets would not have been chasing it.


Time and date are approximate. We would welcome reports from anyone else who may have been witness to the same event. There must be thousands of witnesses. PD

Posted 2001-11-20

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