Occurred: 1976-06-15 21:30:00 Local
Location: Wyandotte, MI, USA
Shape: Triangle
Duration: approx. 10 minutes
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2001-07-23 00:00:00 Pacific
Posted: 2001-08-05 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object

Close up view of Triangular shaped UFO -Spacecraft communicates by repeating light signals

This sighting happened 25 years ago.It was a unique experience because we had a very long and thorough look at the craft(s), in fact we communicated with one of them. It was at night, around 9:30 pm, and I was driving me and my boyfriend to a Bowling Alley in the neighboring town of Wyandotte.There were railroad tracks we had to cross, but a train was on the track, so I waited there in the distance for the train to end. My car was parked perpendicular to the train,normally,the cars would be facing the train, but since I saw it coming before I reached the tracks,I just stopped at the street corner before the tracks.There was an empty field directly across from me, so I could watch the train go by over my left shoulder. We each commented on how long this train was.Then suddenly we saw 3 bright white lights following the train in the same direction as it was heading.We thought they were helicopters,but quick movements and darting about made us suspicion they were something else.It was as if these "lights" were playing a game of chicken with the train. We watched in awe when just as suddenly, 2 of the lights sharply turned upwards at a right angle and disappeared in a matter of seconds.Then only one light was left, which continued to follow above the train, turn, then loop back and forth.This last "light" was flying much lower now, and we could see that it was not a helicopter.Imagine our shock, when this "light" seemed to discover my car, all alone, waiting by the roadside.It stopped following the train, and promptly flew over to the field which my car was facing.It was hovering so low, we were able to get a perfect look at the "light", which wasn't just a light, but a triangular shaped craft,dull silver in color.It sat in the air silently as we stared in amazement. None of the weeds in the field even moved.It was silent and almost perfectly flat.We were frantically searching for an engine, a cockpit window, or anything that would make sense and make it recognizable, but nothing could be found.Whatever was piloting this craft could not be seen.In front, which was facing us, was the bright white light we had seen chasing the train.On the other 2 points of the triangle,there were red lights,as if tailights on a car.This is where my sighting gets unusual.My boyfriend suggested I flash my headlights at this craft.Being directly across from me and approximately


Date is approximate. We have assigned a date that is about 25 years ago. PD

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