NUFORC Sighting 181185

Occurred: 2020-09-24 21:30 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2024-04-17 05:52 Pacific
Duration: 2 min
No of observers: 3

Location: Chico, CA, USA
Location details: My house, viewed from sitting on outside porch and smoking cigarettes

Shape: Unknown
Color: Black
Estimated Size: several football fields - maybe ten or twenty.
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: moved across sky in front of me
Angle of Elevation: 33
Closest Distance: 7000ft up guestimate
Estimated Speed: 150mph then 10,000mph+
Characteristics: Lights on object

After checking out the bear fire, very large craft lept from under 10,000ft to outer space in 1 sec, and zipped around ~10,000mph+

Hey Grusch et al! Check it! I want to discuss this with an investigator. I have never hallucinated anything in my life, and what I saw is something you want to know about. I want to give a highly detailed account of how it moved (I am graduate trained to do this with detail) and what I believe its purpose was, so that experts can evaluate that. These are the things that Grusch said we need to figure out for national security reasons!

This was not a tic tac, large floating square, or weird-looking ship like that. It was a very large black vessel.

Me and my roommate were sitting on my couch having a lazy conversation while just looking up at the sky. Then I butted in and said "Why are the stars moving?" And he looks up and, all at once, we both said "holy shit!!! Whoa!!!" And we watched it until it was gone.

Before talking about it we went inside and both of us draw what we saw. We both drew the same thing. It had large bright lights on each end and dimmer lights in a row between them, in groups of 3. Around these lights, we could see it was oblong in shape. We both had agreed that the illuminated part was the back of the ship based upon its movement. When I looked out of the side of my eyes, I could see those dimmer lights were actually large squares that were dimly lit across the back of the ship. I wondered if they were huge observation windows, because it was moving so very slowly and low enough that it suggested that they were checking out the surface and windows would have been perfect for that. But I couldn't see anything in the 'windows' at all and they could have just been lights... or something else. Who knows what the dimmer lights were in the middle functionally, but different from the very very bright lights on the ends, we both agreed, and square, according to what I saw.

I have two tall trees (redwood is quite tall) in my yard and it was right in between them, so I was able to guestimate that it was lower than 10,000 feet but more than 5,000. I should have been able to hear it, if it were something using fuels we use on earth. But it was completely silent.

We also agreed that it was too dark to make out the actual shape of the whole thing - we could only see the shape around the illuminated part. Even so, I could tell that it was larger than just what was visible around that row of lights because stars around it were blocked out as it moved by (I live in a rural area with lots of stars). So whatever it was, it was absolutely HUGE. But couldn't actually see the whole thing. Just the back side with the lights.

We both saw basically the same pattern of movement too, at first. It was just drifting across the sky very very slow and low. Most of the time it was visible the ship/object it was drifting like this. Patrick saw it disappear, but I was able to keep track of it a little better because when it shifted direction and sped up, I was looking at it out of the sides of my eyes - using my rods - to get a better sense of the shape of it and how it moved. When he saw it disappear in front of his eyes, I saw it all of a sudden do a tight slingshot and shoot straight up into the sky. It was the coolest thing to see - like the ship could somehow create the illusion of gravitational pull and associated centripetal force with something like an imaginary black hole right next to the ship or something. It was a very tight, and very fast slingshot. Super COOL! What else can they do, if they can create imaginary black holes and associated magnetic fields wherever and whenever they want!!! The closest thing humans have to that is a magic 8 ball. The G force of that maneuver would probably break apart or liquify humans without some super star-trek gadgetry. Can they then manipulate space-time too. Well, obviously they can. That is pretty cool.

Anyway, within a second, it was so high it had to be at least 60,000 feet. Stayed there a few seconds. Then it came about halfway back down just at quickly and hovered for about two seconds at around 30,000, then shot back up to the stratosphere again, straight up in just as quickly as before. It stayed up at that high altitude for about 30 seconds, darting back and forth across the sky so quickly, and changing directions at right angles, zigzags, and the like, that it was hard to keep track of. There was absolutely no way this was any craft on earth. We do not have anything close to those capabilities or insane speeds. If a plane goes 500 and this was twice as high as a plane, it would have to have been going 10,000 miles an hour or something, at a minimum. Unbelievable. That was not a craft of this earth.

Then after darting around a bit it either flew even higher or we both lost track of it.

That same day, hours earlier, someone saw a huge ship just appear over Lake Tahoe, hover there over the water for a few seconds, then disappear. It was so huge that she said that the ship/object was almost as big as the entire lake. This was as huge as what we had seen. From the trajectory we saw it drift in the sky, too, a straight line would lead right back to Lake Tahoe. So I wonder if we both saw the same thing for that reason too. I checked the reporting sites - no one else in Tahoe or my town reported anything. Just these three people. In comparison, the incident in Michigan in 1994 had 300 witnesses including many many first responders. So this makes me wonder. But, it was seen in Tahoe for only a few seconds. And from there to my house, the whole area is rural and relatively unpopulated in many areas. And my town, no one would have seen it if they had happened to be looking up at the sky, which we just happened to be doing - randomly - at that moment. So not many people TO see it.

But here is the most interesting part. I think I know what they were doing.

Right in the middle of that direct line between my house and Lake Tahoe was the Bear Fire. By this time, the fire was under control and the smoke was largely clear. But three months earlier, the bear fire had burned so many acres so quickly that it sent a plume of smoke 12 miles high into the sky. This is several miles outside of our atmosphere, and easily seen from space. I think that the inhabitants of that ship were monitoring earth for that kind of activity, and decided to come check it out. Unless they took a while to pack for their trip or decide to come, it took them about 3 months to get here. Assuming everything I have written is enough of a picture of what actually happened, then the ship appeared over Lake Tahoe, then went directly toward the burn scar and flew slow and low over it, then as soon as they had passed the perimeter of the fire (which is where my house is), they left the area. Clearly, they were checking out what that huge plume of smoke was all about.

I find this very interesting. I means we matter to them, whoever they are. They monitor us, from where they are. It means that they are concerned with how we are destroying our earth, for one. Perhaps what we do here on earth effects them directly in some way. But they might be benevolent and care about our planet just on moral principle even though they live 3 months away. Considering how fast that ship could move and what it could do, they come from pretty far away most likely. Perhaps coming to visit earth for them is similar to how we take cruises here. If I were an alien I would find humans fascinating. I mean, look at all the stupid stuff we humans are doing right now! To the earth, to each other… it would make for an interesting scientific voyage or vacation, I would think. Or maybe they aren't benevolent at all, and coming to earth is fun for them like burning ants in the driveway is fun for little boys. Who knows!!! But either way, they care in some sort of way. They came all the way out here just to check that out. And they have an active interest in us, for some sort of reason.

This is concerning to me. If they do have ill intentions, it appears that our best weapon is a magic 8 ball while they have abilities to do things that we have not even yet discovered are possible. Human beings are surprisingly easy to manipulate (I have a phd in sociology, which shows me that). This is because the part of our brains that is in control is unconscious, and all humans stubbornly think that the conscious part is in control. I'm guessing tradecraft people know this too. If I can do it as a human, they can do it way better because they will undoubtedly have better tools than any human would have. I'm just being logical here. Whatever their interest in us is, there is probably little we can do to dissuade them if they want to treat us like pets. It would be nice if, not that we finally admit these things are all over the place, we actually started LEARNING about them. If we are about to become pets, it would nice to know ahead of time. If they are benevolent and want to help us avoid world war three, that would be fantastic because we can't seem to do it ourselves. We just keep repeating the same pattern over and over.

Posted 2024-04-27

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