NUFORC UFO Sighting 180938

Occurred: 2024-03-24 19:49 Local
Reported: 2024-03-26 16:18 Pacific
Duration: 3-4 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Temple, TX, USA
Location details: In-flight from 1st-class passenger window of commercial UA flight, just before descent into Austin

Shape: Triangle
Color: All black
Estimated Size: A basketball or slightly larger
Viewed From: Aircraft
Direction from Viewer: While flying from Chicago to Austin TX, I would have been looking southwest out of the window
Angle of Elevation: 45
Closest Distance: 120-150ft
Estimated Speed: Unsure, flying opposite dir. as plane, 100-200mph
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

A pyramid-shaped black object the size of a basketball flying above the clouds 150ft from our plane. Had no wings, propellers, or trail

I was sitting in a 1st class window seat on United Airlines flight UA 2145 from Ohare to Austin on March 24th, 2024. The sky above the clouds was clear and it was at sunset when the event occurred. Our plane was preparing for descent, and just before we went down through the clouds, I saw a small black object flying the opposite direction at eye-level roughly 150ft from the plane (to our right). The object had no wings, no propellers, no stream behind, and no windows. I saw it for roughly 3-5 seconds between it passed into the clouds. The object did not wobble or appear turbulent in any way, and was flying smoothly at a similar speed to us.

It appeared to be a pyramid shape with the tip pointing towards the direction it was flying, so not exactly the shape of a plane but rather a triangular rear end, coming to a point in front. I did not see windows, letters, or anything shiny. Just a black pyramid-like device flying by.

This shape, design, and control seemed unlike any drone available today.

Upon landing, I decided to ask the pilot some questions before I got off of the plane. I asked him if he saw the black object that flew past us on the right side. He replied "you mean at takeoff?" I said, "no, just now before descent, just above the clouds. 15 minutes before landing." He said " was it a bird?". I replied, no, it had no wings or head, it was a black pyramid-shaped box flying past us only 120-150 ft away.

His body language told me he had zero concern of this object nor cared to ask questions about a potential safety hazard, or illegal object. He instead was dry and not making much eye contact, just turning back the cockpit to carry on his conversation with his copilot. I asked if I should report it, and he said I do not need to, and his copilot didn't see anything but would look into it. It was clear he didn't want to talk about it, and avoiding an event as such is quite alarming.

I then filed a compliant with United Airlines about the object as a safety concern in the event they have any interest. They allegedly film the flights for safety purposes, so perhaps they have the footage (in case someone wants to be honest about it).

Why was this object flying so close to our plane? How did the pilots not notice this black box flying by in clear view? How did the radar not pick up this object? And why did the pilots not care at all about this concerning event?

Posted 2024-04-27

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