NUFORC Sighting 180834

Occurred: 2023-12-13 21:20 Local
Reported: 2024-03-16 08:37 Pacific
Duration: 30-50 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Warrington, PA, USA
Location details: residential house on flat level ground, sighting viewed from a back yard hot tub that faces North/NE

Shape: Circle
Color: dark grey or silver
Estimated Size: 50-70ft across at widest point of 2 rear circles?
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: 90 degrees overhead
Angle of Elevation: 90
Closest Distance: 3000ft over head?
Estimated Speed: slow at first then like a small jet later

Saw an object moving silently N then NE in the sky while sitting in my hot tub

On Dec 13th I was sitting in my hot tub around 9 pm about to view the beginning of the Geminids meteor shower ,super clear night black sky and it was a new moon phase so the moon was just a small crescent on the horizon to my south, great viewing night. after a while around 9:20-9:25 (?) I was looking straight up 90 degrees while on the lounge seat and saw 3 round opaque objects moving fairly slow overhead and then accelerated fast and Banked north east out of view. they made absolutely NO noise and there were NO marker lights of any kind on it. It was 3 round shapes either separate and really really close in a triangle formation or maybe one object with 3 round objects under it , there was NO outline of a triangular hard surface (like others have seen) I just saw the rounded bottoms and sides.

It was hard to see but once focused on it I could watch it, it moved slow due north then banked fast north east away from my view. Ironically just as it disappeared from site a brilliant meteor streaked a green trail parallel to its exit direction. the bottom of each circle looked like the underside of a mushroom cap the sides of the circle looked like a donut shape top and bottom curves but the sides look flat and the bottom center solid. The best way to describe its color would be like dull bone white or a navy grey that was reflecting the little moon light there was to the southeast? I could not tell you the height as I had nothing to compare it to in the dark but when it went directly over head it passed the outline of a locust tree (canopy) in my back yard which is bare branches now due to winter. the top of that canopy is 45-50ft tall and I was looking up from 3ft off the ground (hot tub) and the discs looked like they were like 24" round like a beach ball size. So if it was high then it was probably really big if it was low Id guess it was 50-70ft across at the widest point of the 2 circles? Since then I have looked at private aircraft flying over at the same height I believed that object to be and those planes were at or near 3000 ft on flightradar24. I live with in 5 miles of a private airport to the north so I am used to small aircraft coming and going in the sky to the north. I am also used to seeing helicopters and commercial aircraft flying overhead from large airports in Philadelphia. all these planes make noise even above 20,000ft you can hear the jets and see the nav marking lights and strobes. I also grew up and lived around a navel air base 4 miles down the road (closed since 2012) so I've seen a lot of military planes from 1970-2012. This object had No lights and if you were not looking at it I don't think you'd see it as it just barely contrasted to the dark sky, if it wasn't reflecting the dim moonlight coming from my south (to my viewing back) I wouldn't have caught it.

I made a photo rendition of what I believe I saw overhead and also took an actual picture from my back yard and super imposed the image and its flight path as I observed it (marked in yellow). The third image I created to resemble how it looked in the sky (barely visible) and the shape of the sides,the only difference would be the sky was darker then the picture I created (that is more light blueish) but the image was the same

Posted 2024-04-27

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