NUFORC Sighting 180210

Occurred: 2007-06-14 20:28 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2024-01-28 16:03 Pacific
Duration: 30 seconds
No of observers: 0

Location: Arcadia, CA, USA

Shape: Triangle
Color: Black
Estimated Size: Gods. Maybe 50 to 60 feet?
Viewed From: Land
Angle of Elevation: 90
Closest Distance: 150 feet
Estimated Speed: 15mph
Characteristics: Lights on object

It looked like the typical traingle/ TR3B UFO most other people described. EXTREMELY low, barely scraping a nearby phone pole

I was in the kitchen at the time, probably around 11 years old or so. The craft was incredibly low, lower than even a helicopter. Probably only 150 feet from the ground. Very massive, the size of the entire lot of my house is my guess. It had a colored light at each right angle of its shape, they were gently changing color, the craft hovered over my house and towards the santa anita race track. (My house was right against the fence of the extended part of the track used for long races) It was silent, dead silent. I'm not sure if it made any noise at all, it just moved slow at an almost eerie pace, i'd say 15 to 20mph.

The night was bright enough where I could clearly make out its triangle silhouette, especially because how close it was.

Posted 2024-02-15

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