NUFORC Sighting 180199

Occurred: 1994-06-01 20:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2024-01-29 18:55 Pacific
Duration: Roughly 3 to 5 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Orlando, FL, USA
Location details: (28.6283135, -81.4660655)

Shape: Light
Color: Bright ball of whiti
Viewed From: Land
Angle of Elevation: 65

Bright ball of light hovers, goes up, flies, then disappears.

My friend was walking me home one night, probably around 8 to 9 pm. As we got to the turn onto my street we noticed a huge ball of bright light hovering in the air behind but slightly above the streetlights in the distance to our left. We stopped and tried to figure out what it was because it looked different than the streetlights it was behind. After a minute of looking at it, it went straight up pretty far and started flying forward. It went faster than a plane but slower than a jet. We were confused and looked for flashing lights like on planes, there was none. We started questioning what it was, helicopter hover but don’t go this fast, planes and jets don’t hover, etc. While discussing this we were still watching it. All of a sudden it went straight up then shot off diagonally towards space but what scared us was because it was so fast that it disappeared in a second or two. There was no noise. Nothing we knew of at the time could go that fast. We were so scared that we ran home. My friend went into the army a few years later and the last time we talked he still has no logical explanation for what we saw. There’s no military base in the direction it was at. I wish someone could help give me answers, even if it was military, just answers. I never knew who to contact all these years and still really don’t know.

Posted 2024-02-15

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