NUFORC Sighting 180058

Occurred: 2012-09-07 23:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2024-01-14 22:01 Pacific
Duration: 30 - 60 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Naples Manor, FL, USA
Location details: Treviso Bay Community

Shape: Triangle
Color: Dark Black/Grey
Estimated Size: 300-500ft on each side of triangle? 30-50ft Ht?
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: west
Angle of Elevation: 90
Closest Distance: 100 ft or less directly overhead? Close to ground!
Estimated Speed: 150-250 mph
Characteristics: Lights on object

Large craft, 3 very dim lights, one larger central light. Exterior was translucent against night sky. Near invisible. No sound. Fast

A triangular craft approached from a west / north west direction and was moving south east. The craft was flying fairly quickly at about the landing speed of a commercial airplane, maybe 150-250mph. The craft entered and exited my line of sight during about a 30-60 second period. The craft was also flying very low over the treeline maybe just below the radar floor at 100 ft or less above the ground which is probably why it was able to been seen. The craft flew at about a 15-30 degree approach angle and then flew directly or near directly overhead and continued moving. I chased after the craft on foot to try to continue to observe it, but it was moving too fast. At the time, the area and the community had not been developed too much. The Isles and many other communities/developments did not yet exist and there was a lot of undeveloped land which the craft passed over. The land was cleared out in the community I was in, but only a few homes were built, so the area it flew over was not too populated and you could see the night sky VERY clearly with almost no light pollution. This makes sense if the craft was looking to avoid detection. The direction and approach trajectory that the craft flew over was lightly populated. The trajectory implies that craft did not pass over the downtown Naples, FL area, but rather came in on an avoidant angle. It had entered from the Gulf of Mexico and was heading overland on a trajectory that would have taken it back over water if it did not change course. The craft was heading in the Miami direction. The craft had 3 distinct, smaller very dimmed down lights in a triangular configuration as well as a single larger circular light/feature in the center. The craft was translucent and was achieving near complete invisibility……you could see some of the ambient starlight right through the exterior of the craft, but not completely. The craft was definitely still a distinct shape that could be seen moving against the night sky and starlight, but the camouflage capability could not have been man-made and was very advanced. The exterior color of the craft that I perceived was a mixed somewhat metallic black-dark grey with some purple-ish color. The entire craft was dark in color and was hard to distinguish, especially with the translucent features. In the image I drew, the filled-in areas were the darker black/dark purple-ish areas and the lighter lines I drew were the areas in which the dimmed lights were positioned. That area was a dark metallic gray. Again, all these features were translucent, so they were hard to perceive and may have picked up some coloration from the ambient night sky lighting. That said, the craft was distinct once seen. Another feature of the craft that further confirms in my mind that it was not man-made was that it was absolutely silent. There was zero noise or audio disruptions observed. The image I drew is close but not exact, art is not my best skill. The back side of the triangular craft was more aerodynamic looking but it was still a distinct triangular shape, but this was DEFINITELY NOT A B2 or B21 bomber craft and had no man-made aerodynamic design features. I know this was not a man-made craft…..that baby was just up there on interstellar cruise. I have never seen anything like it before or since.

Posted 2024-02-15

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