NUFORC UFO Sighting 179707

Occurred: 2023-12-13 23:00 Local
Reported: 2023-12-14 14:47 Pacific
Duration: 2x - 1st 10 min 2nd 3 hr
No of observers: 3

Location: Greensboro, NC, USA
Location details: front porch of my home and from the window of my bedroom

Shape: Orb
Color: many-described below
Estimated Size: hard to say
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: east
Angle of Elevation: 30
Closest Distance: hard to say
Estimated Speed: faster than anything
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Emitted beams, Changed Color, Animals reacted

AM sighting of a bright intense light that was hovering over tree line and a PM sighting with 2 crafts of the same "look".

Around 7AM on Dec 13th, I was on the front porch of my home and saw an extremely intense light above the tree line on the hole of the golf course that my house is situated on. The trees are roughly 500-750 ft from my front porch viewpoint. It was hovering left and right with periods of standstill.

It was difficult for me to gauge the elevation of the object but it appeared lower than a plane in the sky at the time. Also of note is that there were no visible stars in that field of view, or in my periphery. The only stars faintly visible were directly above my head. With regard to directional positioning, it was just a tad west of the rising sun, but not by much, and was lower than the sun in my field of vision. It caught my eye as it was so intensely bright. It was very mesmerizing. And as it got my attention, I noticed it was periodically emitting a blue light, almost like a beam but more of a tentacle appearance than a typical “linear” laser we think of. The object was relatively stable and hard to get an idea of the exact shape because the light was so bright. However, it looked almost like a pyramid in nature. But would hover around in a small vicinity without much perceived pattern, at least to my eye. I wanted to get a picture but my phone was dead.

As I was in awe, a member of the household was leaving for work and saw the same thing. She agreed it was strange but had to leave for work. The object was gone when I came back outside with a family member’s charged phone, within 2 mins of me going inside to retrieve the phone.

I probably would have dismissed this or even forgotten about the morning event but late that evening around midnight, I was called outside by a family member who claimed they saw an “orb.” Remembering the event from 18 hrs ago, I came outside and saw the same thing I did in the morning along with lots of animal sounds, like they were disturbed. This time, it was much closer to my house - it was basically above my yard and hovering around the ¾ acre that we live on from above. This time, the pyramid structure was a bit more defined and the light was more of a gold color than the intense bright light I saw in the same morning. It would stay in one place for a few minutes and then hover around aimlessly. In addition to blue lights, this one also emitted red and green lights, both in a tentacle fashion. The majority of the mass of the object would appear in a more rounded muted orange color when the projections were not coming from it. There were moments when it appeared to be transitioning between the two states (pyramid/tentacle structure and orb structure). It also seemed to have a noticeable blackness around it, almost like a cloud when I the pyramid form.

About 30 minutes later, 2 family members are watching this with me and another identical object appears on the other side of the house. It seemed to be the same type of object. These things hovered around for about 3 hrs and slowly moved from above our yard to the west. I still had a visual on one from my window when I came to bed and got a video of it jetting away. After many many tries of trying to focus I finally did, right in time for it to be caught ZOOMING away!!! I was in total disbelief but this is the best evidence I have. From what I can see in the video, it moved away so fast that it left a blur with the video recording at 60fps. It went from basically standstill to these speeds. Of note, a family member has claimed he has seen similar things and many orbs on this property but I gave it no attention due to “stigma.” I now believe every word he has said. Now this is speculation but it felt like these things knew they were being watched, there was even a moment when it was behind trees when I was trying to record it and it seemed to move to areas that had optimal tree cover. Since I couldn't get a good in-focus picture, I sketched what I saw to the best of my ability. (the pyramid form) and the video shows the orb form zooming away.

The 2 most anomalous things I recall - 1) the speed of which this thing took off from a complete standstill 2) I lost sight one of the objects when viewing it from my room window only to find it, and when I did, this time it appeared to be casting a straight blue beam down to the ground. I did not have view of the ground beneath however the beam was linear this time, casting much further from the object than the wavy lights in the picture. It also appeared to be in orb form during this behavior. The "tentacle" lights only appeared when it was in pyramid form.

Posted 2023-12-20

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