Occurred: 2023-10-22 03:30 Local
Reported: 2023-12-07 18:03 Pacific
Duration: 2-4 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Avondale, TX, USA
Location details: about 2-3 miles to the Southwest coming North East then moving to the E North East.

Shape: Triangle
Color: very dark or Black
Estimated Size: Huge. Least 100 yard
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: First noticed lights in the South West close to Hicks Field S end of Runway
Angle of Elevation: 20
Closest Distance: Few hundred feet ove
Estimated Speed: very slow for flying

Slow flying and rotating huge Triangle

As my partner and I were driving home very early that morning I noticed what appeared to be the lights from three airplanes on the approach to Hicks Field just SW of me in Saginaw, TX. I thought there was about to be a collision between the three lights until I noticed that the three white lights moved in tandem with each other. As I watched it became apparent they were part of a single craft. As it got closer the lights continued to move. The triangle was slowly rotating, if I remember correctly, in a clockwise motion. So no point or side was a leading edge as it came in my direction. It flew with the bottom slightly angled/elevated so that I could always see the three lights on the bottom.

As the Triangle got almost overhead I heard what sounded like a very vague HUM. It was so soft that had there been any other noise I would have never heard the hum. I am not sure if because it was so vague that there was a “pulse” in the hum. It was difficult to tell since it was so quiet. As the rotating Triangle began passing overhead it slowly turned in a more Eastward direction. It was such a gentle slow turn, while rotating and so huge. It was stunning to watch.

As the lights at the corners came overhead I thought how they looked “flat”. It reminded me of recessed ceiling lights. The lights were not very bright and simply looked like diffused soft white bulbs. The lights were seamless in the bottom corners of the triangle. As the middle of this triangle came virtually
overhead what appeared to be a blue/purplish "haze like" light in the center. I tried to focus on one of the edges or corners of the Triangle as it passed. It was so dark though that without the lights on the corner bottoms I could barely make out the entire shape. The sides and corners seemed rounded but it was so dark.

Up until that moment I really considered I was seeing a low flying dirigible of the Air Force from Carswell AFB (Now NAS) in Ft. Worth. And I thought it was extremely stupid to be flying low across the approach of an airport.
That was until I realized how big it was. I have seen dirigibles many times and they are loud when that close. This was silent. And the rotation!? The tilt? A triangle? No dirigible could fly like that.

I could not take my eyes off the triangle. It silently moved away and towards the approach of Alliance Airport runway. But as it moved East I lost sight of the lights as the tilt of the triangle was now away from me. The top of the triangle had no lights and was just a black mass disappearing away from me.

As the Triangle moved away I got out a camera I had in the back seat. I tried to get it in the viewfinder but it was so difficult to see in the dark that it was impossible through the camera. I took some quick pics of where I thought it was but the images came out to nothing.

I was telling my partner what I was seeing but he would not get out of the car. And would not look up. I have asked him for years why he did not get out and look. To this day he just says he doesn't know.

Posted 2023-12-09

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