Occurred: 2012-05-18 17:35 Local
Reported: 2023-11-24 09:54 Pacific
Duration: 1 - 2 minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Sacramento, CA, USA

Shape: Rectangle
Color: Dull gray
Estimated Size: L=20ft W=50ft H=130ft
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: Originally East, but as soon as i had observed it, it changed to North
Angle of Elevation: 31
Closest Distance: Less than 30 ft.
Estimated Speed: 100mph until on top of us then slowed to 30mph
Characteristics: Emitted beams

Craft changed direction, directly above at 30ft, un-aerodynamic, mind control, no sound, no wake, no windows, ability to morph shape

There is a hospital that was built in the 1920s across the street from my house. My neighbor watched all day as it was being gutted. They were throwing everything into an industrial dumpster. As soon as i arrived home from work my neighbor hits me up to go check it out. He was climbing into the dumpster and i was enlisted for guard duty. i was looking up at the eaves of the hospital and i joked “There’s a video camera up there recording you!” Then in the same line of sight just above the roof of the hospital that’s where i saw it. i noticed in the sky about a mile or more away and less than a mile high, what looked like a really big bird in the middle of a turn. ( a long shape at nearly a 45 degree angle with the horizon ) i squinted and fixated on it. The bird was getting bigger, but wasnt leveling out. It was heading towards me, but now perpendicular to the horizon. i yelled to my neighbor “Holy #### it’s a ####### UFO!!! Get down here!”

And so he did.

My first thought was to grab my Sony video camera that i just bought. It was just across the street right inside the door but i realized that it would have overtaken me by the time i made it to my front yard.

By this time my neighbor is standing there next to me and it was coming fast. Very fast. So i thought about my cell phone hanging on my belt i had just enough time to get a couple really good shots. Right then four distinct thoughts popped into my mind. They were:
There is nothing extraordinary happening here.
This is all commonplace.
Everyone believes in UFOs.
Soon this will be happening all the time.
With that i clicked my phone back on my belt and just stood there.

And then it was on top of us. It was about 30 feet above. i could see all the detail on its bottom; all kinds of pipes and vent ducts.
It was traveling fast enough that it should’ve knocked us into the trees, but there was no wake. Not even a Whoosh. It made no sound at all. There was no engine noise, no air noise, nothing. If i would have had my eyes closed, i would not have known it had flown past even just 30 feet away.

It was completely un-aerodynamic. It was taller than it was wide and wider than it was long. Picture a giant gray cigarette pack. Flying upright. No windows.

As soon as it had passed, my neighbor and i spun around to continue watching and as it began to gain altitude, a giant rudder came jutting out of the bottom right side of the craft and it immediately turned sharply LEFT. After turning, the rudder retracted and up it went into the cloudy haze.

It was just starting to turn twilight. It could very easily be seen by anybody. And there were people around and traffic. i can’t believe no one else saw it.

i was pumped. i was going on about such a great UFO experience and my neighbor looks at me and he says “i wish i could see a UFO someday like you.” “UMMM WHAT?!! What are you talking about?”

He didn’t see a UFO. He saw a Chinook helicopter flying nose down with its rotors forward and to this day he will swear that that’s what he saw. My neighbor’s mind was mush and very open to suggestion just like mine had been. He developed his story through my questions about what he had just experienced. He said he saw a big long helicopter. “The kind with two propellers.” I asked - “a Chinook?” Him - “Yes.” I said - “But it was flying tall-ways” (imitating with my hand). He says - “Yeah, they were looking at us on the ground.” Then i say - “But it made no sound.” And he says - “Well, they have silent helicopters now y’know.” He has no idea how absurd that sounds. i mean, whats more likely? Being buzzed at 30 ft during rush hour by a giant gray cigarette pack or a chinook flying with its nose pointed down, but flying forward? : )

It was three days before the mind control would wear off. i actually thought everyone did believe in UFOs. i went to work on Monday and was saying “Yeah, i saw a UFO on Friday blah blah blah.” That evening i picked up a Huffington Post article that said 5% of Americans believe in UFOs. Huh??? i totally believed that everyone believed in UFOs as a fact. Every thought that had been implanted, if not challenged, had become more solid every day.

Posted 2023-12-09

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