Occurred: 2006-08-14 23:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2023-11-24 13:09 Pacific
Duration: 15 seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Tacoma, WA, USA
Location details: driveway of home

Shape: Triangle
Color: black
Estimated Size: 200'/125'/height unknown
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: NW
Angle of Elevation: 75
Closest Distance: stayed in the sky, did not approach
Estimated Speed: appeared slower then a commercial airplane
Characteristics: Lights on object

Black triangle with red lights

The sighting was sometime in the Fall season, after 10pm but before midnight. I was getting out of the car with a friend, upon getting out I noticed bright red lights (about 8 of them) in a "V" pattern slowly moving through the sky almost directly above me. I could vaguely make out a black structure directly behind the lights (I can't remember if it was a "V" shape as well or a solid triangle, it was hard to make out against the dark sky). I watched them for about 15 seconds before they quickly disappeared. I looked over at my friend and asked if she had seen "that". She said yes, and I asked her what she saw. She told me she saw a bunch of red lights, in the same "V" shape I had seen. If you cut a triangle shape out of a standard piece of printer paper, it was about that size from our perspective. We were both really unsettled for the rest of the night

Posted 2023-12-09

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