Occurred: 2023-11-16 12:45 Local
Reported: 2023-11-16 11:39 Pacific
Duration: 6 minutes
No of observers: 1 - Military - Aviation Expert

Location: Boyce, VA, USA
Location details: On the Virginia State Arbiretum

Shape: Disk
Color: White/silver
Estimated Size: At least 60 feet if not larger in diameter
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: Due east
Angle of Elevation: 68
Closest Distance: 4,000’
Estimated Speed: Incredibly fast
Characteristics: Lights on object

Object was above arboretum. Moving rapidly sideways and up and down then hovering

Object was white and circular. It made no noise and left no contrail. It moved rapidly side to side and up and down. It appeared to be rotating and there were faint blue and red lights on the outer part of the saucer. No aircraft could have maneuvered like that. Clear sky, light haze, 70 degs.. Suddenly/abruptly it disappeared as I was watching it, just poof, it was gone.

I am a retired Senior Intelligence Officer and am a trained observer. It was definitely not an aircraft.

Posted 2023-12-09

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