Occurred: 2014-08-13 20:02 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2023-11-14 17:34 Pacific
Duration: Approximate a few minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Seneca, PA, USA
Location details: I was parked right beside a row of pine trees, in parking lot

Shape: Triangle
Color: Appear black. Or som
Estimated Size: Huge. Prob 4 football fields at least
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: Craft was moving from west to east, I was seeing it directly above me, I was facing south
Angle of Elevation: 90
Closest Distance: A few hundred feet
Estimated Speed: Maybe 150 mph? Hard to tell.
Characteristics: Lights on object

I saw a giant...GIANT flying triangle at close distance directly above

So I was in the parking lot of 2099 hill city road, in Seneca Pennsylvania. You would say we are out in the sticks. In fact the darkest place on the eastern seaboard is just an hour northeast of us. Time was at dusk. Approximate 8:00 - 8:30 .. I was on my lunch break, working nightshift. Our shift was from 3:30 - 2 am with 30 minute lunch. A 10 hour shift. I was parked facing south with a row of pines directly to my right... or my west. Kicked back in my car with the drivers chair reclined, I was just relaxing looking out my sunroof. At the time I think I had a phone similar to a blackberry? So cell phones weren't exactly what they are today. So my year may be off. Anyhow I was sending texts... messaging chicks... probably daydreaming as I'm staring out my sunroof on a nice late summer evening.

As I peer out my sunroof, the clouds look.. funny. Weird enough that it caught my attention. They appeared to be moving faster than usual. Now remember I'm parked right next to a row of big pine trees, and the clouds are moving from west to east as they normally do here. So as I saw them moving fast, I kinda tried to angel myself better to get a better look, but really couldn't... I mean I'm peering out a sunroof.

A few seconds go by of me trying to focus ... and a light in the clouds finally passes by my sunroof and I instantly try to kick my door open. I actually got so excited I forgot to use the handle...and kinda jumped up face first into the side window. Anyhow I finally get my door opened, step out of my car . And see it. A huge ... flying triangle craft... about the size of 4 maybe 5 football fields flying LOW. well below the clouds. It was completely silent besides the sound of air being displaced by the size of it. It had a few lights scattered about. Not necessarily on the corners. And I remember the back of it was flat like a star destroyer. It was not flying fast by any standard of ours. I stood there for a few minutes and watch it fly off into the horizon.

A few points that I took notice of: it was perfectly camouflaged. Had I not been looking up, I would have never had known it was there. It was dusk.. So it did not create a shadow, and it was completely silent. The thing was so big that it took up my entire field of view when directly above me, and I would NOT have saw it. I have no idea what this craft was. If it was military… the application of an aircraft like this would make no sense. If it was alien, it could have harboured an entire army.

I yelled at one point "what the f©%k is that?!?" To the only girl standing outside on our lunch, and she didn't even bother to look up. That is how perfect this craft fit it's environment. I was stunned. I didn't even want to try to take a picture because I didn't want to take my eyes off of it. I did think about it, but I was more "just enjoy this moment" type mindset. To this day I have never seen anything the size, shape, or anything coming close to it, flying as low as a helicopter would.

Posted 2023-12-09

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