Occurred: 2023-11-05 19:52 Local
Reported: 2023-11-05 17:14 Pacific
Duration: 4min/drove out of sight
No of observers: 2

Location: Santa Fe, FL, USA
Location details: Seen over trees then field before driving out of line of sight

Shape: Formation
Color: Warm tone lights (3
Estimated Size: Unknown
Viewed From: Land
Direction from Viewer: North
Angle of Elevation: 35
Closest Distance: Hard to tell because it was dark/I was driving
Estimated Speed: Very slow
Characteristics: Lights on object

While driving (dark) noticed 2 large lights to left. Once at field, saw underside, 3 lights(triangle) and small ones. Drove away.

While driving towards Worthington Springs, FL from Lacrosse, FL with my husband, at 7:52pm, I noticed 2 bright, warm white lights in the sky. I compared it to headlights on a close hill, as it appeared much nearer than planets, stars, planes, etc. I had my husband pull up plane finder to see if any planes/helicopters were the culprit as we do have a nearby airport(but this still would have been very low for a plane.) I knew it was either stationary or moving towards us, as I couldn't see any movement. My husband took pictures but they are poor and do not show the formation. There is no cell tower in this area either. I lost sight of it behind the trees for a bit, then saw it again over a field. Here, I was able to get a view from the underside. (Horrible sketch attached.) It was 3 large, white, warm toned lights in a triangle formation, with smaller lights speckled about, all the same color. It was dark surrounding all these lights, but I cant tell you for certain that this was "a craft" as opposed to a product of my mind. I did understand it to be such. This did not look like any aircraft we know of or could Google. It appeared to be slowly moving in the direction we came from at this point. I kept driving and lost sight again, never seeing it cross the road in my rear view mirror. This object also did not have any sound and was visible for 4 minutes without much movement. It was definitely larger over the field, but we were driving toward it, so it's hard to tell what the movement distance/speed really was. It began about penny size then was golfball at second appearance. It was no longer there on our trip back ~20 minutes later. I will attach a picture from when we first saw it, but it isn't worth anything as it just appears as a blob of white light. (You will see two poles on the side of the road, mid photo. Look immediately above those. Other lights visible are reflections from my dash.) Terrible sketch shows the underside(I originally tried to draw it at an angle, like I saw it, but I can't.) I tried to illustrate the darkness around the lights. The positioning is all accurate. Feel free to text me about this. I'm not putting "I'd like to be contacted" because I feel like that's a waste of your time, but if you need anything, message me.

Posted 2023-12-09

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