NUFORC Sighting 178326

Occurred: 1986-03-12 11:45 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2023-09-17 11:12 Pacific
Duration: 8 minutes
No of observers: 1

Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA
Location details: Corner of Arizona Ave and Euclid St 300-400ft straight overhead.

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object

Black triangle, est. football field size, 7-9 dim lights, silent, 10-15mph

300-400 ft directly overhead, the black triangle was headed west towards Santa Monica beach at approximately 10-15 mph. 7-9 dim orange lights along the left and right sides underneath the object including one at the apex. Pretty clear night, you could see the solid shape of a triangle as it blocked the view of stars above it. The blackness of the object was considerably darker than the night sky around it. Nothing texture-wise on the underside. Zero details about thickness, features or means of acceleration. Could have been made of black cardboard for all I know…
(Uhhhh, at the size of a football field

I did follow this thing for about 1-2 blocks direct west just to see if anything was supporting it from above or if there was some hint that it was some sort of blimp. I saw nothing that would explain its ability to remain in the air or its means of travel. It eventually became diffuse as it pulled further and further away still heading directly towards the coast (13 blocks away). But, it was late, I was taking 14 credits at Santa Monica College, also working 6 days a week at a home stereo boutique in Beverly Hills. I need to get to sleep at a reasonable time, so I walked away and told one person about it at work, got made fun of , so I never mentioned it again. Till about 10 years later AFTER I was married for 3 years (just in case I all of a sudden I would find myself single!). Then, just recently it’s al over the place with TV, YouTube , the web etc. Well, with some of the examples I saw from others, I realized how close I was by comparison. I thought “ok, mine’s bigger than yours so, I gotta say SOMEthing! For scale, if I had a model of that thing about 18-24” long, and held it directly above my head at arm’s length, that would be just about right. Can’t say if it was an equilateral or Isosceles triangle, I was too busy trying to figure out how NOT to say a damn thing! Anyway, after 37 years… well, there ya go.

Posted 2023-10-28

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