Occurred: 2023-08-28 21:31:00 Local
Location: Mt Pleasant, NC, USA
Location details: Coming from Ocean flying in a Western Direction
Shape: Disk
Duration: Less than 5 seconds
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2023-08-28 19:21:20 Pacific
Posted: 2023-09-10 00:00:00
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

3 Disc shaped craft moving 10 times the speed of the plane i was watching already

I went outside to get some air, I looked up directly over my head and was watching a plane fly over and all of a sudden these 3 Disc shaped craft came flying up on the plane and seemed like they were chasing it, but when they got close, 2 of them kept going and one hung back and seemed to kind of circle the plane one time and then took off and caught back up with the other 2! They seemed like they were racing each other, they would drift towards each other and then separate! This all happened in less than 5 sec! I could easily identify the plane ! It had blinking lights on tale and wings, the other 3 did not to seem to have any lights at all, but were putting off some kind of glowing light! Could have been slightly still lit by the sun Maybe not real sure! I just know 100% what I saw, and they were not planes! Moving faster than anything I've ever seen, I have watched satellites fly over and I pretty much know there speed, these things were not satellites, I could tell they were or had been messing around with that plane! I really wish I could talk to the Pilots of that plane! They were so close to the plane, the Pilots had to have seen them go Screaming by! And I know these were not jets! Jets can't move the way these things were moving! That one that slowed down almost came to a complete stop and then changed directions several times circling that plane!

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