Occurred: 2012-11-01 19:10:00 Local
Location: Weehawken, NJ, USA
Location details: Sitting Stationary in the air above the Port Imperial Ferry Terminal
Shape: Light
Duration: I honestly can't remember
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2023-08-16 14:45:47 Pacific
Posted: 2023-09-10 00:00:00
Characteristics: Changed Color, Missing Time

It was a bright white light orb that sat stationary in the air above the ferry terminal, turned color and kind of zipped out in a flash

To begin, I do not remember the exact date, other than it was 8-10 years ago on possibly an autumn day. I didn't like to tell the story because it was too weird and people do not react positively to it, so I kept it quiet until all of this news started coming out about UAPs.

My friend had worked as a parking attendant some evenings through his old employer at Port Imperial Ferry Terminal's old parking lots before they were developed and built on. Port Imperial is directly adjacent to Manhattan on the Hudson River, you can see it in river shots all of the time, even on the news, helicopters flying all of the time, you know how harbors are, especially ones in cities. Some nights I would go hang out and visit him if I didn't have anything going on since he would just sit in his car and wait for people to pull up and park. I was single at the time so I would stop by fairly often after work to kill time.

I really wish we had remembered a date and for how long we saw it for, because it really felt like an amazingly long time without feeling that way. At some point I just remember it getting eerily quiet, as there's usually car traffic noise you can here, even with the car windows closed, but focus began to shift towards the horizon just slightly to the left of our peripheral vision through the cars front window. There was a decently sized light orb, bright white, and I mean burning white, like I've never seen a white light in the distance that bright in the night sky where it wasn't lighting up everything beneath it as it hovered over the terminal. I just remember staring...... literally mindlessly, not even questioning, absolutely blank, what I imagine shock would feel like, trapped in your body but couldn't do anything, couldn't move or speak...

The next thing I remember is the thing begin to shift color, White, you quickly saw a bit of blue, quickly pink to red and then it kind of "zipped" off, I wish I knew how to describe it better, but during the color shift it didn't exactly move, but it kind of pulsated in an amazing way, and after the color shift to red it just kind of "rolled" into it's own spherical light and saw it kind of "zip" away... When it rolled into itself, what I mean by that is it kind of looked like it consumed itself into a smaller sphere of light and disappeared, but at the same time the smaller sphere of light also looked like it was going away into the distance without actually moving a long distance and it just disappeared as if it went into the horizon. So I am wondering if that was a ripple in time or something of the sort that they traveled through... hence the not realizing how much time was spent "looking" at it.

The other problem is that his car clock was always wrong so we don't even know what the actual time was at the moment, other than it was in the evening and the sky was dark and not too cloudy but there were clouds. When it disappeared me and my friend looked at each other in a semi-lethargic manner and asked each other "Did you see...?" literally at the same moment... couldn't even finish the sentence for a minute while we gathered our thoughts.. But we saw the same exact thing and have no idea what happened other than what we saw aligned... I looked into what Missing Time was from the checklist below and I believe that is what happened to the both of us. I can't say we were abducted because I didn't notice anything completely out of the ordinary on my body. But it really is strange how it felt like time stopped while we were watching it. It literally just hovered above the terminal... like nothing, motionless..... not even light radiating down when it should've, it seemed so close above the terminal. It definitely was not a helicopter, it was too bright and there was absolutely no noise for it being that close. The parking lot we were in was not far at all from the terminal entrance, it was walking distance and the view point was about the same I'd say. The lot was quiet and very dark. I can probably find it on google maps or an old satellite image and show the vantage. There must be some sort of footage out there, there are cameras of all sorts along the Hudson river facing that terminal, even the news does aerial shots and shows it. If there is someone that is willing to help investigate what we saw, I'd be willing to contact my friend as well, I haven't spoken to him in years now, but I'm sure he'd be glad to get off of his chest as well.

Please contact me by email first. I can speak over the phone, but I would prefer to use a different number until I feel comfortable with whoever I speak with. If I eventually feel safe from anything I feel sketchy, I'll be happy to give my name and a testimonial to share with the public and government?

This is a serious testimonial, I have not exaggerated anything whatsoever and the location is accurate. I am more than happy to go into full detail on the record.

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