NUFORC UFO Sighting 177595

Occurred: 1996-08-14 16:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2023-08-14 21:47 Pacific
Duration: 60 minutes but unsure.
No of observers: 0

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Location details: Lower Commercial Drive

Shape: Unknown

Alien encounter

East Vancouver, BC. I lived alone. No-one was in the apartment with me. I lived in an older apartment building in the lower Commercial Drive area, but one street over. I do not remember the street name.

It was in the afternoon and I layed on top my bed for a nap with no blanket over me. After after five minutes and still awake when about four alien beings came in through my front door and came into my bedroom. My front door was close to my bedroom. My thought said loudly in my mind, "oh shit they're here." In hindsight, I don't know why I thought that in the way that I did. It was a foreign thought and as if I knew them, or something..

They were immediately around the left side of the bed that I was laying on. I remember not be able to move and my vision got fuzzy quickly as if I was looking through water or wavy vision. I think that there were two or three of them lined up beside me and they lifted me somehow, but not my body, like the hood of a car. I was fighting my fading vision as I looked at what they were doing.

Within seconds I passed out. When I woke up I remembered everything and layed tried to absorbed what just took place. I did not know why me. Then I felt a pricking sensation and looking at my body saw massive scratches all over my chest and left arm. I don't remember if I was injured on my right arm. The razor-like scratches were burning and on a scale of 1 to 5 of burn intensity, they were about 1. My upper chest was cut up but I do not remember if there I was injured on my breasts. I do not think so.

As the day wore on I became worried that if I were to get an infection, what the heck would it be like? Would I die because the infectious disease would be unknown? I started to get scared. I phoned Dr. Farmer at his clinic in his office in the Oakridge Mall. I asked for an emergency appointment and he saw me quickly. I think that it was within a day. I did not tell him what it was about. I think that I said that it was unusual and I needed him to see something right away.

When I was in his examination room I admitted that this is going to be a strange appointment and that I know that he was not going to be able to do anything. I told him that I just needed this to be reported on my medical records. Then I opened my shirt to expose my cut up chest and rolled my my sleeve/s to expose my arms. He empathically and immediately said, "oh, you've injured yourself." I said, "No, Dr. I just woke up in this state. I know this is strange but I do not know what else to do but to report in, and I want this in my medical records. He asked if he could take a closer look and pulled over a larger overhead magnifying lens and as he examined the cut on my arm closed, he gasped when he noticed that there were no loose skin edges to be found. He gasped saying something about the magnitude of what he saw. When he stopped looking, I emphasized to him that the razor like cut on my arm started at the shoulder and followed a miraculously straight line right down to my wrist.

Dr. Farmer appeared stunned. I got up and told him to make sure that this is in my medical records in case I get sick from this attack. Then I left his office staring at me speechless.

Lastly. I bruise and scar easily. These razer-like marks healed in about a week and left no scars or marks of any kind.

Posted 2023-09-10

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