Occurred: 2023-07-24 09:45:00 Local
Location: Ouray, CO, USA
Location details: SW Sky over downtown Ouray between the San Juan Peaks that line Ouray to East & West
Shape: Oval
Duration: 42 seconds
No of observers: 2
Reported: 2023-08-10 15:18:04 Pacific
Posted: 2023-09-10 00:00:00

White silent oval 60 degrees above ground visible from the 3rd Floor

I was back in Ouray Sunday evening July 23rd. Monday morning, my husband & I were closing the 3rd Floor balcony door s facing toward Telluride to the West & the upper windows facing South to seal in the cooler air against the heat without AC. I saw the whitish, squashed-football craft, the same type as I saw in Texas, June 6th, silently making its way from the West to the East until it disappeared over the Eastern Ridgeline towards Cascade Falls. I pointed it out to my husband , then went to the next Southern Window to watch it pass out of view over the East Ridgeline about 60-80 degrees above ground. It surprised me that it was similar to the silent Oval craft I saw in Texas June 6. The skin of the craft was whitish, almost translucent & refracted or reflected the light. It would have blended in with clouds but we have 300 days of sunshine in Ouray & the summer monsoons happen normally between 2-4 pm, so they're were no clouds to hide behind. It took about 38 seconds to travel 40 degrees across the sky at a silent, steady pace. I have seen the jet fighters shoot the Narrow Ouray Canyon on 4th of July from South to North & every sound echoes & reverberates through the Ouray canyon. The commercial flights from south to north to the Montrose airport similarly intensify any engine noise but this was completely silent as it passed over. There were no lights there were no means of propulsion visible just a whitish oval craft traveling from west to east & then out of sight over the peak where the Perimeter Trail passes by Cascade Falls toward the South. I made this report because this was the 2nd time in 6 weeks, 937 miles apart I saw this same, silent, whitish, squashed-football craft: in June in Texas & in July in Colorado.

I would very much like to know if others are seeing this craft in the daytime, where else it is sighted, how large it is & how fast it travels. I can draw some images of the two sightings but only in Texas are there water towers & other landmarks to try& garage distance/ size. Maybe it's like when you get a certain make and color of car then you seem to see those everywhere. I have only ever seen craft at night that I thought were planes in Houston until it made 90 degree at speed. I saw a 2-3, silent, low-flying orangish lights in the winter sky in Prescott Arizona in 2022 near Granite Mountain heading South to Downtown Prescott. These 2 sightings of daytime craft were likely because I paid more attention to the daytime sky since the Chinese Spy Balloon was in the news.
In Arizona, my former HotShot Wildland FireFighter Friends spoke of unusual lights From the Superstition Mtns to the Coconino Forest from Snowflake to Flagstaff & how the Natives believe in Star People. People with ranches in that area have seen weird lights & knew+believed Travis Walton. My stephenville ranching relatives reported seeing odd behaving lights decades before Former President Bush had a no-fly zone around the Crawford Ranch. My father saw an odd craft in rural Blanco Texas while hunting in the late 1960s.
My husband agrees what we saw was not a known aircraft but refuses to speculate on what it exactly was either time we witnessed it in Texas or Colorado.

Has the crow flies Prescott Arizona is not very far from Sedona & just a short drive to Prescott valley where the Phoenix lights of 1977 were first spotted in Arizona as they headed south to PHX.

In Ouray we have spent many hours at night , winter & summer sitting in the City Hot Springs seeing the bright Milky Way & many shooting stars. In Prescott & Texas, we watch for the Elon's satellite launches & space station flyovers. We know many of the night paths of satellites & commercial flyers. We watch the Orionids & Leonid Meteor Showers each summer but neither of us or our contractor had seen daylight craft flying silently until June in Texas or July in Colorado.

I did not post on Nextdoor like I did in Prescott for the nighttime orangish lights. Others saw an orange-lit çraft fly low over their homes including an outdoor party.

I like this anonymous forum.

I hope to get answers about these craft.

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