Occurred: 2020-07-14 22:30:00 Local
Location: Horseshoe Bay, TX, USA
Location details: Highway 71, heading west
Shape: Diamond
Duration: 2 minutes
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2023-08-04 21:36:39 Pacific
Posted: 2023-09-10 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object

Small, black, diamond shaped aircraft that operated silently and at supersonic speed

Time: July 14, 2020. Approximately 10:30pm.

Location: Heading west on Highway 71 near Horseshoe Bay, Texas. The specific stretch of highway that this occurred is the portion of Highway 71 in between the Baylor Scott & White Hospital and the turn off to Highway 2147.

Physical description: A relatively flat, diamond shaped, extremely black aircraft. It appeared to be quite matte, sleek, narrow, and about the size of my own vehicle which was a Toyota Corolla at the time. It had an aerodynamic capsule that sleekly arose from the front center of the diamond-shaped body where I assumed a pilot would’ve been positioned. The capsule portion was too black to see into, but it seemed to be a different material than the diamond-shaped body. The craft was so black that it was difficult to see many details, but there was a difference in how the light from my headlights sheened against the capsule portion and the diamond portion which leads me to believe they were made out of two different materials.

Full details: I was driving down the highway, heading west, through an area where there aren't any buildings or houses. From the corner of my right eye I noticed the area outside the right side of my vehicle go black. It was already night, but it was light enough night that I was still able to see the see the treeline because of my headlights and the skyline in the distance, stars in the sky, and etc from the moonlight. So when this object positioned itself next to me, I quickly noticed it black out the upper right portion of my windshield and passenger window. It hovered next to me for about a minute, maybe 6 feet away from my vehicle and maybe 14 feet off the ground. It was near enough that it was mostly flying alongside me over the shoulder of the road. And it stayed very level. It didn’t move up or down, it lowered itself perfectly in sync with me and stayed perfectly level.

I watched it, confused, of course, but not alarmed. Honestly I was slightly annoyed and kinda rolled my eyes at it because I assumed it was a young, arrogant, military pilot who was just showing off or something (think Maverick in Top Gun). I felt like he could see me through my windshield and I didn’t like that I was unable to see him inside the capsule/cockpit. I was surprised he was interacting with me like that since that could be dangerous for me since, technically, if I’d been a jumpy person, he could’ve scared me and caused me to wreck. So I was very surprised he was permitted to lower his aircraft near a public highway like that.

I glanced over at it multiple times and tried to see into it. It matched my speed which was about 70mph and hung there with me for about a mile. I had to glance back at the road multiple times, of course, to somewhat keep my eyes on the road, but I was still able to get a really good look at it even though it was so black I wasn’t able to make out many details. I also had time to observe that I couldn’t hear his engines at all. The aircraft was COMPLETELY silent. I also felt like he WANTED me to see him. It seemed like he purposely placed himself in my line of sight and waited until he was sure I’d seen him. Which is why I assumed it was some pilot showing off, wanting to give me a wild story to tell people or something like that.

After about a mile he pulled forward, allowing me to get an even better view of it for about a half second before it shot off at supersonic speed. On the backside of it it had a white and green light, I think, but it was moving so fast at that point that I only saw the backside for a second before it was gone. I was wildly impressed. The aircraft was completely quiet. No engine revved, no sonic boom, the trees didn’t even shift because it created what appeared to be absolutely no atmosphere disturbance. I assumed it was our government and that they had somehow figured out how to hit supersonic speed without causing a sonic boom and I was also impressed they were able to make the engines completely silent. I work in aviation so I am around aircraft and am pretty familiar with them and this was far, far, far more advanced than I was aware humans were capable of. In fact, even the shape, with its narrow wingspan (if you can even call it a wingspan, see attached drawing) seems like it wouldn't work with our physics. I remember thinking, ''damn if we’re capable of building THAT sort of technology then we’re capable of anything'.

I texted my parents when I got home later. My exact words to them after explaining what I saw were, “This was crazy. If we have technology like that, I’m very impressed. I just don’t see how something could go through our atmosphere at that speed. It almost seemed to contradict physics.”

I would’ve reported it earlier but I genuinely assumed it was some secretive, super advanced aircraft that the government wasn’t ready for the general public to know about yet. After the briefing with David Grusch I realize that maybe we humans don’t have that sort of technology yet and, if not, then what I saw was definitely an alien aircraft. I altered a picture of a stealth looking drone (removed the wings and reshaped it, etc.) to depict something similar to what I saw. It should be attached below.

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