Occurred: 2001-05-21 22:00 Local
Reported: 2001-05-21 00:00 Pacific
Duration: max 1 minute
No of observers: 1

Location: Budapest (Hungary), , Hungary

Shape: Light

small star became very bright light. Faded back to star and moved away.

I was on my balcony facing east (having a quiet smoke) and just staring at the stars. Suddenly one of the stars became bigger and brighter. At first I thought it was a plane on approach to Ferihegy, Budapest airport. They often turn the "headlamps" on when over our part of the North of Budapest. However there was no noise and the "lamp" was very, very bright. It was also very big. I estimate about the size of a finger tip with arm outstretched. Furthermore it never moved for about 10 to 15 seconds. Then the light faded back to a small star size over a period of about 10 seconds and moved north and disappeared after another 10 seconds. The move to the north was only about two hand widths before it vanished. I thought it could have been an aircraft turning away from me. But aircraft with landing lamps do not turn that quickly. There was no noise and no other aircraft lamps (strobe, etc). I have watched other aircraft this evening and when they are near (about 2 miles) I can see the other lamps and the "headlamps" are not anywhere near the size or the brightness of the unidentified flying object. Here I speak literally rather than emotionally. Another thought was of a meteorite. But meteorites move quickly. This was stationery and then moved to one side after fading. Very strange. Any thoughts?

Posted 2001-08-05

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