NUFORC Sighting 177031

Occurred: 1977-06-04 14:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2023-07-26 21:52 Pacific
Duration: 5 - 10 Minutes
No of observers: 2

Location: Bloomington, IN, USA
Location details: Park Ridge East subdivision

Shape: Disk
Characteristics: Changed Colo

Disk with raised center, hat-like. Windows displayed gradient changing color through the color wheel. I pointed, it zipped away.

My father and I experienced this in 1976-1978 timeframe, in Bloomington, Indiana, at 39.174292934475524, -86.47299989167965.

My father was a US Navy officer at the time, of rank either Lt. Cmdr. or Cmdr. and in charge of the USNR based in Bloomington, Indiana. I was born in 1966, my parents in 1942.

On a beautiful Spring or early Summer day, Dad asked me to join him outside on the sundeck of our house. He asked me to have a look around and indicate if I saw anything unusual. I affirmed I did, and he asked me to point it out. I did.
At about a 45 degree angle to the South was an object in the sky. It was perfectly still. It was a circular object with a raised and flat center portion. Around the main border of the circle were what might be described as portals or windows. I recall seeing three such windows, and they emitted visible light that seemed to cycle through wavelengths producing solid color changing as a gradient (cyclic wavelength) and upon arriving on a primary color the light coloration paused and became brighter and opaque and uniform across the full surface of each window. They were independent with respect to coloration of each window.

Dad asked me to point to where I saw the object. When I did, it seemed to stop the light wavelength cycling. Next, the object instantly reduced in size as I perceived it, straight away to the South. In other words, the object instantly went from being perfectly still to vanishingly fast.

We went back inside the house. Dad telephoned a contact at NSWC CRANE, who stated they didn’t have anything special in the air. Next, Dad called the local law enforcement office and shared with us that the person he spoke with there stated they had already received hundreds of calls about a similarly described UAP, and their phone was still ringing.

On reflection, I think the object was at least in part measuring what our visual light spectrum range was by displaying the colors the way it did, and departing immediately when I pointed at it.

Posted 2023-07-29

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