NUFORC Sighting 175178

Occurred: 2022-07-13 02:45 Local
Reported: 2023-03-31 15:38 Pacific
Duration: 20 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: St. Louisville, OH, USA
Location details: 40.155947,-82.424396 mostly fields two rows of trees which ran parallel alongside a train track.

Shape: Triangle
Characteristics: Lights on object, Possible abduction

150ft off state rt over train track lights red, green

Wednesday July 13th 2022
There happened to be a Very bright full moon this night. Later after research I learned it was the biggest super moon of 2022. The moon at 2:44 am only looked like a very bright full moon, setting in the western sky.

I was driving North on Ohio State Route 13/ Mt Vernon Rd. The time was 2:44 I was just outside of St. Louisville, Ohio. I had both driver and passenger front windows rolled down ¼ of the way and was on the phone with my Wife. We weren't talking, we remained in silence just keeping each other company, each knowing the other was on the other side of the phone was enough to keep her content. I was coming up to where a cemetery and a few houses appear to pop out of the few mile stretch of flat fields.

Directly across from the cemetery is a house only 50 feet off the road, front door facing the cemetery across from it. The property has a row of trees running down it's yard separating it's view from the field on one side, which was the side furthest from me.

I suddenly noticed two colored lights through the trees which had thick dense foliage and stretched across the front yard of the home I was coming up on. One light was red and the other light was green. The first thought that popped into my head was

" I don't ever remember there being a cell phone tower right there, and certainly not that close? "

I grew suspicious and curious as the next several seconds passed and I came closer to passing the row of trees which blocked my view. Just as I finally passed the row of trees, I quickly turned my head to my immediate right (directly East) and "parked" in mid air, was a black metallic (similar to the black reflective surface of obsidian) craft with sharp angles. The angle of what seemed to be the nose of the craft was the longest and noticeably sharpest straight angle which pointed slightly down facing the south west. The nose looked like the pointed end of a slice of a "pie shaped" chunk of cheese.

The green light was glowing from the side that faced me and the red light was glowing from the opposite side. The bright light that the full moon reflected completely lit up the area and exposed the craft. I was shocked and excited at what I was looking at. It was approximately 30'-40' long and approximately 20'-30' wide. It was practically resting motionless and completely silent on top of the tips of the tree tops that the "craft" was "paused" above.

The black craft was right over top train tracks to that had trees that ran along either side of them. Based off my intuition the craft seemed to be "hiding" in the corner of a field surrounded by trees in the backside which bordered the railroad tracks. Just on the other side of the trees that ran perpendicular to the railroad tracks ( the row of trees that ran down the edge of the yard the house sat on, I described earlier) was the back corner of the 1960s ranch style home, a mere 25 feet away.

I include these details to open the possibility of the importance/purpose of the presence of the craft, or rather, whoever was operating the craft may have had. Another possibly important detail is the fact that there is a quarry and large water source on the other side of the railroad tracks opposite of the me and the road I was driving on.

When I spotted the UFO I personally feel like I may have caught it "off guard" or "surprised" it. When I came to a dead stop in the road it lifted up, and quickly rotated itself 180°. The craft was so close that I lost sight of it, the roof of my truck blocking my view. I looked forward and made sure I wouldn't cause an accident in the road since I was "dead stopped" on a 55mph state route. Approximately 4 seconds had passed. I quickly looked back to catch another glimpse of the craft. I spotted it in the sky in the distance and I once again lost site of it.

After studying google maps and looking for land marks and distance scaling to figure the distance the UFO had covered within the 4 seconds I lost sight of it. I estimate it was approximately ¾ of a mile away. It had traveled ¾ of a mile within 4 seconds. That is 675mph or 990ft/s. The coordinates I initially spotted the craft was, 40.155908,-82.424408.

Posted 2023-04-09

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