NUFORC UFO Sighting 17477

Occurred: 1993-07-10 02:15 Local
Reported: 2001-05-01 00:00 Pacific
Duration: 45 sec. - 1 min.
No of observers: 1

Location: New Egypt, NJ, USA

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Lights on object

UFO w/ green lights seen twice in NJ at night in N.J. on 539

Here is my report on my sightings of a ufo I saw at night when I was driving home, and again I had a sighting of the same object two years later when I was driving to a friends house at night. This report is being told in all honesty, and even though these two events happened long ago, they have stuck fresh in mind to this day. Here is the report I had given to another organization not too long ago. I was asked in the reporting form to describe the lights if I had seen any, and that is where I started my report at: "There were many round lights and they were all green. They were not blinding and could make out the pattern of the lights as well as the shapes of the lights very well. Object seemed to be round by the way the lights were set up. Green lights were round in shape and the center row seemed to go around the object. Also remember there were more or just one more light near the top of the center row and one near the bottom of the center row of lights." The next question in the report form I was filling out, asked to give as much information about the sighting as possible: "It was a close sighting and lights were seen well. Object was just below the tops of the trees and behind one set of tree line. I was driving home on a road at night where there are at times very little traffic, sometimes no traffic late at night. A road where there are woods on both sides (Alot pine trees) and not many homes built. I think these woods that go along this long stretch of road (which is Rt. 539) are reserved by the McGuire Air Force Base, since they usually have trucks (hummers, etc) travel to and from these dirt roads that come off of this particular road. It was around the time of 1:30 to 2:15 a.m., was so long ago, do not remember the exact time. I was traveling north on Rt. 539. As I came around one bend I noticed a green light to the left side of the road in the woods near the tops of the trees that were closest to the road, up ahead of me. When I got closer, I slowed down to a crawl, while looking upwards towards the top of the tree line, I eventually stopped the car and rolled down the window. I stared at it in puzzlement. I could see the tree branches silhouetted in front of the many green lights of the round object. This is where the most shock kicked in. After I had stopped the car and was looking at it, I started to realize that this object was actually getting lower and was 'very slowly' moving downwards behind the set of trees. I was directly across from the object that was lowering from behind the set of trees. Panic set in and I said to myself **** ****!! Please excuse the language, but it could not be helped. And I slammed my foot onto the gas pedal to leave as quick as possible, I could not drive well, my arms and whole body were shaking. As I was making my way down the road away from where the object was, I looked in my drivers side door mirror, and I saw car headlights coming from around the bend, just before where I was stopped at, and also saw that the object with green lights was no longer there. I did not see the lights any where. Sorry this is so long. And I kept this and another event to myself for so long because I did not know there were so many others seeing u.f.o's until years later when I started to read up about so many other events that others had witnessed. Never knew of all of the ufo sightings by others until I got a computer and was able to read up on sightings information. This is being told in absolute truth. (I did some searching on the website on ufo sightings for in my state, and found a report posted by another lady who seemed to have seen the same object with all green lights at night in 1996.) 2 years later on another night, the same 'exact' object with green lights appeared again in June. In the same area but not in the exact spot, maybe 1 mile further from the first time. This time I was going to head on over to a friends house, I took the same road but heading north this time on rt. 539, but for some reason I decided that maybe I'd go visit my friend another time, and decided to turn off onto another back road to 'turn around'. Well this weird feeling came over me, I don't know why, (I'm in amazement as I write this still now.) As I was slowing down on this other road to get ready to make my u-turn which has no street lights on it, I looked into my passengers side door mirror (I usually had this mirror turned up a little to keep any car's headlights that were behind me from shining into my eyes), I almost had me heart failure, I caught a glimps of green lights, this time higher in the night sky and the moon was almost full this night. I slowed down on the road and turned my head back to quickly look through the back window of the truck I was driving and was able to see this object better. The object was again stationary in one spot maybe 2 tree lengths up above the tree line. This object and the moon were not that far apart, but also not real close to each other, I remember seeing the moon to the right as I was looking above the trees and the object with green lights farther to the left. Once again, I was the only one on these roads at the time. This time I was thinking "Oh my God, Oh my God, I don't believe this!" and "It's back again!!", and of course panic set in again, and I quickly pulled my vehicle over to the side of the road to make a quick u-turn to go back to the road I had come off of. Which means I was turning around to head some what towards the object, because it was the only way I knew of to get back home. Again, I had slammed on the gas pedal after I made the sharp u-turn and was driving quickly. After I made the u-turn in panic, I got myself to look up (to the left side now, above the trees), and saw no green object, only saw the moon. A second after looking again and not seeing the object I saw car headlights up ahead coming from the road I was heading back to get onto. I made it back home and said to myself, 'why when I'm on that road and that thing has to show up are there no other cars around, but when another car was coming around the object would disappear or it's lights would go out...' I did'nt take that road again for a long time, I changed my route. I would also like to ad, that both times that the object was seen, it was motionless in the sky, completely still, except for the first time where it seemed to start lowering after it was remaining still. There also was no sound whats so ever. Today I am now a professional photographer, I do alot of nature photography, but I wish I was then and wish I had a camera on me during these two events. I would prefer being contacted through email if questions and a follow up were needed, but would consider being contacted by phone as well, even though I would'nt have an easy time at all discussing these two events.

Posted 2001-08-05

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