Occurred: 1992-10-15 19:30:00 Local
Location: Jackson Township, near the villages of Chase and Ceasetown, PA, USA
Location details: in the countryside, on a farm, adjacent to the Pennsylvania State Correctional Institution at Dallas
Shape: Cylinder
Duration: 1 minute
No of observers: 1
Reported: 2023-02-11 11:55:41 Pacific
Posted: 2023-03-06 00:00:00
Characteristics: Lights on object

My family lived on a small farm in Jackson Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. This sighting was by myself alone. I was 15 years old at the time, and at that time had not traveled very much outside of the area. In the previous months, I had seen two objects that were identical aside from color; the reports of those two have been previously submitted.

The date of this sighting is uncertain; I believe it was during the second week of October 1992, but may have been a week later.

I walked outside of our house on a cool October night to go for a short walk. I had a brand-new flashlight with a bright halogen bulb; I flashed it toward the woods several times next to our house, facing west-northwest.

I got approximately 50-100 feet out on our driveway toward the road. I looked up, and about 200-300 away from me, to the north-northwest, as a floating cylinder. As it was dark, I could not make out much detail, other than it was about 3 feet in length, and about 10 feet in the air. The other distinguishing characteristic about the object was it had a bright white light on the top, an identical bright white light on the bottom, and a dim red light in the middle which was somewhat flashing; it was getting brighter and dimmer, but not extinguishing. I got scared and ran back toward the house.

I went back inside the house, and told my parents about the object. They did not believe me. My father wanted me to get something he left outside, so a few minutes later I did that. As I was still scared, I ran to get his item (a sledge hammer), retrieved it, and ran back toward the house.

I got almost back to the house when I heard a sound that was vaguely like that of a jet engine, but sounded differently — I cannot explain how it was different, but it was. I looked up toward the sound, and saw the same object flying away at a high rate of speed across the mostly cloudless sky, until it got too far away to see it.

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