Occurred: 2023-01-15 02:10 Local
Reported: 2023-01-15 11:56 Pacific
Duration: 2 seconds
No of observers: 3

Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Location details: Standing outside of the front door of Sundown at Granada, 3520 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Electrical or magnetic effects

3 of us, 5 ft apart, whom are all strangers to each other, and SOBER, saw the same object in the sky above us simultaneously

At approximately 2:10AM CST +/- 5 minutes, 3 of us individuals were standing outside a venue at 3520 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX were making casual conversation as we all have mutual friends and acquaintances, just finished watching a live music event (ended 30 minutes prior), one of us was the event manager, another was friends with the manager of the band, and I, friends with the singer of the band. The technical details behind the sighting:

0 degrees being the horizon, and directly above us being 90 degrees, a ball orb about 1.5 miles up, we all caught the orb in each of the corner of our eyes when the object was about 85 degrees above us from true north traveling from east to west, moving directly in the direction towards Dallas Love Field Airport. We looked up by the time the object was 70 degrees above the horizon, and saw the object continue moving until it reached approximately 50 degrees above the horizon, maintaining the same trajectory, before we lost visual sight of the orb as it literally vanished, it was there one millisecond, the next millisecond it was gone. From the point of where the object was 85 degrees above us relative to our positioning. Witness 1 female was facing true north, witness 2 male, was facing true north, myself (witness 3 male) was facing directly west. From the point at which we all generally caught the object in the corner of our eyes to the point at which we all turned our heads, eyes locked onto the object,

The first witness, female, immediately said "Oh my god, did we just see a shooting star?!"
The second witness, male, the event manager, said "That was an orb! Guys, was that a UAP?!"
Me, third witness, male, said "Shooting stars that low in our atmosphere would have had a trail of some sort"

My personal supporting background information pertaining to the following data afterwords: I was 1 page away from becoming an eagle scout in 2011, which is recognized by the military as a monumental achievement, I provided UHF LOS and SATCOM, HF BLOS (beyond line of sight), VHF LOS, SHF SATCOM, and EHF SATCOM communications for the CG-60 USS Normandy for 4 years as we fulfilled the role of "Air Defense Commander" (2015 USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier strike group 12, I was part of the TR strike group work up group sail in August 2014, group sail deployment in January/February 2015, to the full March-December 2015 deployment), where I provided direct communications support for FA-18's for missions in the middle east. I am familiar with FA-18 and F-16 sound, viewing angle adjacent to relative distance, body shape at specific distances, and appearance at night. I lived at CID unit Corry Station where I watched NAS Pensacola "Blue Angels" practice almost every day for 8 months, and I lived directly behind Naval Station Norfolk's airfield on Granby Street where I watched various military aircraft fly over me for an entire year when I was not on the ship. I have only seen objects travel at that speed or greater when witnessing UAP in the Santa Rosa, CA area, when UAP are doing the same action, shooting across the sky in the atmosphere, no military aircraft or asset i.e. tomahawk missile has been witnessed by me that can travel at speeds even close to this orbs speed. At this time, I am a full time employee of a software company doing IT related work as well as full time student registered at Lone Star College System pursuing a B.S. in Physics.

Math and science facts about the observation:
- The color of the visible light that radiated from the orb was an off white, and was an almost identical color compared to the most common and standard off-white, Christmas tree light toned color.
- The orb was objectively a perfect sphere to all 3 of us.
- The visible light radiating from the orb did not diffract or reflect around gas at any point within the atmosphere while in our sight, NOT creating any sort of artifact (such as lunar halos etc) NOR did the light diffract or reflect against clouds at any point within the atmosphere.
- Referencing time, from the point at which the object was first seen in the corner of my eye when the object was above me 85 degrees above the horizon, to the point at which it disappeared from my viewing 50 degrees above the horizon when it disappeared, the duration was about ~1.8 seconds (would have disappeared at "mississi" when counting "One Mississippi, Two Mississippi" etc.
- NO sonic boom
- The object was traveling faster than a Block II/III/V tomahawk missile by several orders of magnitude, no manned aircraft could have traveled at that speed, the speed equivalency is an FA18 conducting a fly at a distance of 200 feet from the viewer.
- There was NO haze or aura or effect left in the atmosphere from the object, there was no trail left by the object, there were no FAA regulated lights (or any other lights)
- The object SHOULD have been detected by FAA radar from the Dallas Love Air Field as it practically flew literally over the airfield, the point at which the UAP disappeared at the blink of an eye would have been as it approached the airspace that is directly above the air field.

Posted 2023-03-06

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