NUFORC UFO Sighting 173760

Occurred: 2021-11-14 16:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2023-01-05 21:56 Pacific
Duration: LOS 10+ mins
No of observers: 100

Location: Norfolk, VA, USA
Location details: Within 3 miles of the Hampton Coliseum. stationary, but take-off altitude

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Electrical or magnetic effects, Missing Time

Huge craft, size of a building (2ish football fields). Silent hovering over the highway in and out of clouds. No attempt to conceal.

Setting: Driver of a vehicle, overcast, medium to light traffic, headed northbound recently passing the Hampton Coliseum (~exit 263).

I Saw(1): A massive ship "moving slowly across all lanes of the highway just above the trees, slowly enough for me to observe the ship with great detail approaching it. I am pretty sure I was in a state of awe as I kept driving.

MAYBE Missing time: I was on a short timeline to meet my brother in Richmond. No planned stops (full gas) 1.5ish hr drive. I don't recall pulling over (I am the type of person that, when I drive, I don't like to stop if I don't have to)

I Saw (2): I am in a parking lot at a fast food restaurant (don't remember) in my vehicle (backed in a parking spot) just off of the highway I was just on. Not enough time to process until I immediately see the ship again, and I am put into another state of awe. It's just over the highway still where I need to go. I remember getting back on the highway and eventually passing under the ship.

I was able to get an extremely good look at the underside of the craft (huge ship) while leaning forwarding looking up through my windshield. The craft was so long you could not see end to end of the ship when it was perpendicular to the highway from my vantage point.

The odd thing is I remember seeing the ship from two very different angles. The first sighting occurred after just passing the Hampton Coliseum, and again while in my parked vehicle at a fast-food place (I didn't have food in the vehicle) on a trip I never make a stop on. I am not sure if the gap in time was just from my inability to process the situation or if I simply pulled over in shock.

I have a Garmin Dashcam. I remember trying to have it recorded but it was not responding to my commands. No footage was saved when I checked the SD Card.

Ship description: (A VERY similar ship that I could say it looks like is the Arbitrator, from EVE Online... Seriously). Had characteristics of a V but not the flying V you can find in popular UFO google searches)
-Green, red, and sometimes blue flashing lights.
-Red "under-dome"
-Metal plating, clayish to rust color.
-Piping and cables were black and situated behind the plating
-exposed "intricacies" between the "gapped" outer plating
-It's movement in the air was "glitchy"

Posted 2023-03-06

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