Occurred: 1997-03-13 21:30:00 Local
Location: Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Location details: Single family home located on a small hill. Open sky view
Shape: Formation
Duration: 10 seconds or less
No of observers: -4
Reported: 2022-11-04 13:31:01 Pacific
Posted: 2022-12-22 00:00:00

My wife, kids and I witnessed a V formation of six copper colored objects that crossed the entire sky in a few seconds.

On the evening of March 13, 1997 I wanted to take my wife and kids outside to try and view the Hale-Bopp comet. I had an astronomy class in college and had a telescope as a kid and have always been interested in astronomy. I think the time was about 9:30 pm. Our home was located on a small hill on a large lot with an open view of the sky. When we tried to spot the comet we all witnessed a V formation of six coppery colored objects directly above us at about the twelve o'clock position, moving east to west, cross the sky in a few seconds. These objects looked very high up in the sky since the formation looked very small. My kids were a little shook up because they knew we witnessed something very unusual. A few days or weeks later we learned that the Phoenix lights took place the same evening. We have no idea if the two events are related but it's very coincidental. It's taken me a long time to write a report on this but at the time I didn't know about NUFORC or even if a report could be filed. Sometimes I wonder if these UFOs want to be seen and know when humans are viewing them.

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