NUFORC Sighting 172418

Occurred: 2022-10-12 01:00 Local
Reported: 2022-10-22 14:21 Pacific
Duration: 3-5 min
No of observers: 0

Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Location details: Standing on my balcony at a condo building - Hopkinson House in Philly

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Left a trail

object with a solid red light hovered silently and flew directly toward me from 1 mile away within the time it took me to blink

An object with a red light was slowly flying parallel over the Ben Franklin bridge in Philadelphia, approximately 1 mile from where i was standing. I did not pay much attention to the object until it passed behind a building and immediately came back from behind the building. My first thought was that it was too quick to turn around after passing behind the building and it did not seem to be flying backwards. It continued slowly flying back to its original position hovering over the Ben Franklin bridge for about 1 minute.

Then it suddenly flew toward me and stopped about 20 feet in front of me. The time it took to fly from its position over the Ben Franklin bridge to the position 20 feet in from of me took less time than it took for me to blink. As it flew toward me my eyes started to blink but before they closed i could see a tail behind the object created from the speed of the object and the red light. The tail created by the light reminded me of the light tail created when at the circus and you spin the light they give you around and it created a line of light.

As it hovered in front of me for some reason i could not clearly see the object, which i thought was strange. It was fuzzy and i could see almost like an outline and the red light was on the bottom of the craft, but no navigation lights. There were no wings and the object seemed to be the size of a small bus, and it hovered in silence. As it started to fly away i could see now that the red light was the outer rim of an opening with a bright white light in the middle surrounded by the red rim.

I live in an apartment building in the middle of my floor with maybe 8-9 apartments on each side of me and on the 27th floor with another 4-5 floors above me. As it flew away from a standing position i noticed that it did not arch up as most crafts would require and just raised and flew away. At 20 feet away i would think it would have arched up and needed more room to fly away to pass over my building.

I read that many sightngs are attracted to military sights so i overlaid the location on a map with military facilities in the area. And to my surprise it matched perfectly. My sighting seemed to be in the middle of 5-6 military facilities.

Not sure if its related but following the sighting i was in a bar with my girlfriend and a man walked into the bar and sat next to us. i look over and said hi but he did not immediately acknowledge me. He first looked at my girlfriend and said nothing, then looked back at me and started to say things about me that nobody knew except me and my girlfriend. It looked like he read my girlfriend somehow before turning back to me. Shocked i denied to him any of the information he said at which point he looked at me and said "your girlfriend thinks these things". I continued to deny and he said "I underestimated you". This statement surprised me because i think in order to estimate someone you would need to know the person. i do not think people estimate strangers. I know for a fact that my girlfriend has never seen the person.

I have thought about this incident constantly and more interested in talking to someone that can ask me questions than reporting.My background is computer technology and i am very detailed I know that nothing can fly 1 mile in less than the blink of an eye.

Posted 2022-12-22

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