NUFORC Sighting 168154

Occurred: 1962-07-26 22:00 Local - Approximate
Reported: 2022-05-24 15:14 Pacific
Duration: 4 1/2 hours
No of observers: 2

Location: Pecos, TX, USA
Location details: North of Pecos, Tx on FM 1216 (Robinson Rd) for approximately 5 miles to a farm

Shape: Circle
Characteristics: Landed

A yellow circular object appeared 45 degrees above the horizon and tracked my movements for approximately 4 1/2 hours north of Pecos Tx

About 10:00 p.m. one hot July night in 1962, I was driving north of Pecos, Texas on FM 1216 (Robinson Road) to change out the irrigation pipes at a remote cotton farm. I was seventeen years old. With me was a friend,((name dleted)). Dub was in my high school class and needed to make some money so I hired him to go with me to help move the irrigation pipes and water the cotton. The job would take all night because we needed to change the irrigation pipes again between 4:00 - 5:00 a.m. in the morning. The night was cloudless with a partial moon.

On the way to the farm, about a mile or two down Robinson Road, a bright yellow/orange ball appeared to the west of my car and began to follow us. At a distance, it appeared in size similar to a setting sun and about 45 degrees above the horizon. As it came closer to my car, I stopped, got out my .22 rifle and pointed it toward the flying object. Immediately after pointing my rifle at the circular object, it dropped to the ground out of sight. The object emitted no audible sound. I estimated the object to be approximately 440-880 yards away. After I put down my rifle and drove away, the ball reappeared and continued tracking us as it had before. Several times I repeated the process of stopping my car, pointing my rifle, watching the ball drop below the horizon, and then resume my route to the cotton field only to see the orange/yellow ball tracking our movement again. By falling below the horizon, was the yellow/orange ball trying to protect itself or was it. trying communicate that it meant no harm? Perhaps it simply wanted to observe.

At one point, I had to turn off Robinson Road onto a gravel road which led to the cotton field. The yellow/orange ball turned with me and followed us to the farm, where it remained stationary to the west, around 35 degrees above the horizon. For a few minutes Dub and I watched it from the shadows of an abandoned farm house and some hackberry trees. The yellow/orange ball continued to hover in place, making no noise. It never changed its circular shape or color. Parenthetically, in 1962, there were no oil or gas wells burning off excess methane in Reeves County, which if there had been, with the right mix of atmospheric conditions, might have provided a plausible explanation for the yellow/orange ball.

Regardless, Dub and I had a job to complete, so despite our heightened apprehension, we moved the irrigation pipes, after which I started the irrigation pump and filled the long ditch into which the water flowed. When the ditch was almost full, we filled the irrigation pipes with water and pulled them across the top of the ditch until the outlets of the pipes were below the level of the water in the ditch. The water flowed by gravitation through the pipes, into the cotton rows. It took about an hour to fill the ditch and set the pipes in place.

Afterward, we went back to the abandoned farm house and my car to rest until we needed to change the pipes again. While we were resting, the yellow/orange ball slowly began moving toward us, growing larger in size as it approached. I watched it holding my .22 rifle. Around 2:30 a.m., Dub and I really were nervous about the approaching hovering object, so we got in my car and drove about 2-3 miles to a farmer’s house where I hoped we could get help. The yellow/orange ball followed us all the way, positioned now on the north side of the car. Interestingly, every time the yellow/orange ball followed my car, it did so opposite the drivers side of the car.

When we stopped at the farmer’s house, the yellow/orange ball stopped and remained stationary at about 60 degrees above the horizon, higher than before. I knocked on the door of the farmer’s house several times until he finally opened the door. I told him about the yellow/orange ball, but he accused me of being drunk. I responded by pointing in the sky where the yellow/orange ball was. As soon as I turned and pointed to it, the unidentified ball instantly plunged beneath the horizon out of sight. There was no sound of a crash or an explosion. Did it simply disappear into the earth? The farmer never saw it and told Dub and me to go get sobered up—but sobered up from what? We had not been drinking and never had used any type of drugs. After all, Dub’s dad was a Texas Department of Public Safety officer and my dad was a U.S. Internal Revenue Agent.

The hardest thing I did that night was go back to that cotton field to shut down the irrigation pump. To my relief, the yellow/orange ball did not follow us. Nevertheless, I had experienced all the drama for one night I could stand. After shutting down the irrigation pump, I drove Dub home. By 3:45 a.m. I was home too and glad to be there. I estimate that our encounter with the yellow/orange ball lasted continuously for 4 1/2 hours.

Dub and I did not talk about this incident until five years later. In April 1967, I drove my fiancee, Mary to Pecos from Waco and Baylor University to visit my parents. Dub was in town and came over to my parent’s home. After I introduced him to Mary, he brought up our encounter with the yellow/orange ball north of Pecos on Robinson Road. Neither of us had an explanation for what the yellow/orange ball was or why or how it followed us. Even to this day, the entire experience remains a mystery to me. Clearly some form of intelligence controlled the yellow/orange ball’s movements yet it emitted no sound. But why it was fixated on Dub and me is simply baffling.

David Park

Posted 2022-06-22

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