NUFORC Sighting 167767

Occurred: 2022-05-05 23:52 Local
Reported: 2022-05-06 20:45 Pacific
Duration: 11-12min
No of observers: 0

Location: Eagle river, WI, USA
Location details: 30 yards from my bedroom window, 3-6ft off the ground.

Shape: Light
Characteristics: Landed, Possible abduction

Saw oblong light bobbing 30yds have video

This was experienced from my bedroom window last night 6May2022 in Eagle River, Wi. Walking to my bed I happened to see a falling star through my window near my bed. I went and stared up at the sky for little less than 10mins like I normally do before bed to calm my mind and ponder existence. Just before I was going to go lay day I happened to look straight out eye level. When I did, I saw this the light. The object was 30-40yds from me, maybe 4-6ft off the ground. I Stared at it for 3-5min non stop, my heart was pounding.… the object was “bobbing” up and down, not a lot of movement but enough to notice. there isn’t a house for over a mile through the woods in this direction and I’ve never seen an oblong light that didnt “cast” any light. It was bright but the object was only bright, nothing around it was lit up. I ducked down to grab my phone, when I popped back up with my phone the object was gone. I continued to record for 1min 41 seconds. To the naked I didn’t see anything, but when I went and looked at video it was in my recording. I have no idea what this object was.

Posted 2022-05-31

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