NUFORC UFO Sighting 167183

Occurred: 2015-06-06 00:30 Local
Reported: 2022-03-21 17:24 Pacific
Duration: minutes maybe 5-10
No of observers: 2

Location: Harrisonburg, VA, USA
Location details: Backyard of house

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Changed Color, Aircraft nearby

orange orb that was being chased

I was leaving my friends house late in the summer to head back to mine a few streets over. He had grabbed a cigarette and we sat on the chairs outside glancing up at the stars, it was a clear warm night. He was an avid listener to coast to coast AM so we would always joke about if/when we were gonna see something. We were chatting about plans and I said alright I'm out bye! As I turned and walked he said my name as to get my attention. When I turned back to him thats when I saw it...

A orange orb hovering between us and the house across the back yard, distance to house would be under 50 yards and typical 1 or 2 story height. The orb was close though with a size of maybe beach ball or yoga ball, its honestly hard to tell because of what it did and the shock of seeing it but it seemed to be above the house but nearer to us. They or whatever it was knew we were there. I know this because of the ending of sighting which proves this was not a reflection or hallucination. It was real not "earthly" but very real. It lasted at most a minute or two, at first it was hovering still like a mini sun almost. Then it did a weird jellyfish or dead leaf motion, in and out, getting slightly bigger then slightly smaller and with each pulse in and out it went up maybe 10ish feet. It did that roughly 5 times until the last one it shot off upward and instantly disappeared, we both turned to each other, thinking we just saw something very weird.

Here is the freaky part... I took steps out into yard to fully look for it and saw nothing. No less than a minute later we hear this noise from off in the distance, louder and louder until a single military fighter jet, no lights of any kind came screaming down in an obvious dive chase from higher up. I've seen blue angels and others do tricks and show off at norfolk/va beach multiple times, very familiar with the sounds they make. This was a jet looking for that orb, which was obviously toying with him when it decided to come show off to us or say hello, who knows. All I know is we were in shock and out of nowhere that jet probably high up in the sky saw it again and dive chased it not knowing we had front row seats to the whole thing. I would love to have a chat with that pilot because he must've had that control stick fully pulled back when he crossed over us, he was that low.

We had both seen questionable things like lights or things in the sky but they could've been anything really.
Those combined events however will forever be engrained in my memory.
I still get goosebumps thinking about the sound that jet made as it passed us...

Posted 2022-04-22

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