Occurred: 2022-02-27 21:00 Local
Reported: 2022-02-28 12:06 Pacific
Duration: An hour on and off
No of observers: 2

Location: Berlin, MD, USA
Location details: Assateague island national seashore

Shape: Orb
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Changed Color, Landed

Color changing lights flying around

We were camped out on Assateague island on a trip and we were making a fire to cook some food about 9 or so at night. We were facing north looking at ocean city and beyond.. all of the sudden a bright light caught my eye, it looked like a fire in the sky. It was bright and pretty big.. it then started flying towards the ocean, the bright light went away and it looked like blinking dots of different colors flashing in random sequences. It then seemed to drift back toward where it started and land. After a while another one took off and a bright light shining again and it would go dimmer and it flew around for a bit up and down sometimes slower and then go faster ... It would go up and then it started flashing crazy color lights purples, violets indigos, every hue of purple, oranges , reds, like some sort of party strobe light. It was pretty big and then it went away.... We watched it for 30 minutes l this going on ... We stood there trying to make a meal over the fire but we couldn't even keep the fire going because we were so distracted by all of this taking place. The craft seemed to fly toward the ocean getting brighter again. The colors were shifting is rapidly and with no set pattern just random. Purples , red, orange , green, so many colors alternating from this glowing orb in the distance .. then something caught our eye and coming from the south now had flown over us, directly over us and pretty low and we could hear nothing. I could see the lights underneath and some circle shapes under this craft, about three lights and they lit up some circle shapes underneath the craft. This went on and off for an hour at least. After this craft flee overhead we were just absolutely stunned and in shock. After all seemed still for a while maybe 20 minutes, we saw another light facing north and another was circling around it as if they were doing some sort of dance. These UFOs looked like they were shape shifting , one second it is as huge white light like a fire, next it was blue dots flashing then all the colors and purples and oranges and pulsating. It was just out of this world , and whatever flew over us was flashing some colorful lights as well .

Posted 2022-03-04

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