NUFORC UFO Sighting 166144

Occurred: 2022-01-01 00:07 Local
Reported: 2022-01-02 21:54 Pacific
Duration: 6ish minutes for all them
No of observers: 1

Location: Tualatin, OR, USA
Location details: From my back deck. At least 5 crafts- one then 2 together then 2 other separate ones. East to west/S

Shape: Other
Characteristics: Aura or haze around object

After New Years Eve firework display, I saw up to 5-6 Amber pulsating UAP’s hovering and then moving East to west, before vanishing.

Seen from Tualatin, OR
Approx 23-26 miles south of PDX Airport

Timeframe & Details
Midnight - big fireworks going on from some house below me. Then at
video #1 12:07 (i'm facing straight to the East and the fireworks were fairly low in the sky - just above the houses below me).
Decided to go out and take a video of what my friend was missing out on, to show her in am). Went out and ended up only seeing and filming the very last firework. Clicked the phone off, and then I saw a strange large amber glow up and over a little to the right..opened the phone and snapped a pic. (I wanted to video but opened in camera mode and snapped a pic instead.
12:08 - picture. What I saw was a lot bigger visually than what the camera shows. hurried and went to video, because it looked so different from anything I've seen in the sky. It seemed to be hovering - like a helicopter would, in my mind, like it was watching the fireworks. for some reason, i waved haha. then noticed it was now moving... that's when my nerves started freaking out.
12:08 - 1st video of object- while filming, i could tell it was slowly moving in my direction, not at me, but straight from East to west. I went to move to get a better angle to video, and my sandal was frozen to the ground, so after pulling a few times, I moved and started filming again.
12:09 - Continuing the filming of the 1st object I saw. (seemingly to slowly move West/SW and possibly climbing.)

1. While watching the video back, I noticed that there was a lower object shown at the end of the video, but didn't notice it then, because when I looked back to my left, to walk back to my back door, i saw 2 more coming from same direction as first, and they were also moving very slowly.
2. From the time I started videoing the first one, in my mind, I kept repeating, I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared. I was so filled with fear. After waving and noticing the first one slowly moving somewhat in my direction, I couldn't get the image of it coming over my house and then all the other scary thoughts that go with that were running through my head..
If any of them would've come towards my house, I wouldn't have been able to continue to video. I felt that scared!
3. Because it was so cold and my nerves were on high edge, I was shaking a lot and videos were not steady. *the object's movements were very slow and steady.
4. There was what seemed like a bright, big, close star or possible satellite?? from viewing that, it can help see the movement of the objects as it/they pass in front of it.
5. It was clear - with some possible haze - I couldn't tell for sure. but I could see the constellation Orion (so small compared to "bright star' low in the south sky, which was up and further over to the west from where all the objects seemed to just blink out. At first, I thought they faded into a possible haze I couldn’t see, but really it was as if they blinked in and out a few times then just vanished.
6. Weather - Cold/freezing, but no precipitation or wind that i noticed.
7. I can send a video of typical air traffic and a map of where I am, in comparison to PDX airport. Pattern of most air traffic I see, follows I5 direction, going South to North, to the airport or north to south, away.
12:10-Video of next 2 objects and notice a third separate one in the frame. I try to turn my phone sideways - you can still track them from the steady bright white light.
12:11 Continued filming of those 3 objects, but starting with my phone sideways. talking to myself - saying that it was as if they were watching the fireworks. the movements of two objects traveling together, seemed so weird to me. Like they are separate, and doing a little dance together.
12:12 - moving to try and capture them as they moved away West, then they just seemed to flicker out.)
12:12 - tried to focus on bright white spot, to see if I could find them again. nope
12:13 - Then Saw one more coming from my left (East). I think I whispered something like "Don't scare me, Oh my God, there's another one", and I was so scared, i stopped filming sky, and started walking to my back door to go inside. Then lifted my phone to continue to film the object, while standing next to my door.

*The objects did not make any sound that I could hear. At all. (And I can often hear flight traffic from planes and helicopters).

Went inside, and my heart was pounding out of my chest. seemed like my fear senses were on overdrive... I was so scared that I ran up to where my friend was staying and said in a loud voice, Sheryl, Sheryl, I think I just saw ufo's - Sheryl.... She didn't respond, so I didn't want wake her.
so I called my friend in MT (12:28), who I was talking with a little after 11- Sharing the videos and writing "Dude, it was closer than the picture shows, like my heart is still racing. I was so scared to be out there, like I even backed up close to the door, missing some of it, I was literally that scared."

Could not go to sleep - so worried that I'd have little visitors in my room..
started texting with my sister in Mt, around 3 who happened to just respond to my earlier happy new years text. I was so grateful to be texting with her, because I was still so scared and couldn't fall asleep. I ended up only sleeping maybe 1/2 after her text, when i then woke and ended up not being able to fall back asleep.
Details I shared with her.
*They were a lot closer than what my camera could catch.
*So scared my heart didn't stop beating hard for at least 1/2 hour.
*Seemed like they were just pulsating. no flicking on and off light patterns, like typical aircrafts at night.
*No other color (white,red,green, etc) other than Amber-like glow - kind of pulsating. I'd say I'd compare it to staring at a part of a candle flame.
*"Moving going from east to west and I swear they seemed to be hovering around my area, before slowly moving off. I was so scared. and then they just disappeared one after the other. After moving towards West, They just kind of flickered out of sight.
*Hard to tell, but it definitely seemed like some sort of vehicle - bigger than a helicopter. appeared to be between a circle and triangle, maybe Triangle with more rounded corners . possibly the amber light was deeper in color in the area under the edges. The whole bottom was this candle amber like and didn't seem like it stayed solid - color in movement like a candle would or pulsating somehow.
*Seemed like they were watching the fireworks. Moved a lot steadier than what my camera captured. they kind of sometimes flicked in and out. It was so scary and amazing at the same time. The first couple seemed to literally be hovering for a while, before slowly traveling to the west.
*My cat was so freaked out that I found her hiding under my bed. could be because of the fireworks, but when i finally got her out from under there, she stayed on my chest for at least an hour. (usually just sleeps on the end of my bed), and when she got up, she still laid close by my side. She was acting off all night and very skittish. I did not sleep - so scared.

I wish my phone could’ve captured what my eyes saw.

1/1 11:20am Text with My uncle who is retired, but flew fighter jets, then flew for other sec of govt, then i think around 30 yrs commercial... What I wrote to him, and then his response.
"I saw them hovering then moving slowly to the right, They were so much closer and larger than what seems in this video. I noticed them after watching a firework in the sky for New Year Eve. I look a little to the right and bam saw the hovering and then moving slowly to the west.
He asked if the white dot was a plane -
No, I think it was a low bright star (but looked bigger and closer than other stars and Orion that i could see in the sky. maybe it was close bright satalight?
White dot - no movement, has slight sparkle)- you can use it to see how slow they're moving and how they move past it. Honestly as they moved to the west and maybe a little higher, they just vanished.
First I saw one, then 2 with a sep one... then another came from the left as they disappeared in the west sky, more came... I think I saw 5-6. No red white or green lights, no flashing, just this pulsating glow. For as close as they were, no sound. in one of the videos you can see that i was so scared my phone went to my feet walking towards my back door, because I was going to run into the house, but then I shot the phone back into the sky to capture the last UAP.
From the videos it sent him, he said that he saw no landing lights, so flashing on off patterns, no white or red lights. I then sent him video of airplanes at night - flying their typical north south pattern to pdx.
Said it's nothing that he can recognize or explain, and recommended that I file a report.

Posted 2022-03-04

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