Occurred: 2021-09-06 12:35 Local
Reported: 2021-09-06 15:32 Pacific
Duration: 10-15 seconds
No of observers: 1

Location: Jacksonville, FL, USA

Shape: Cylinder
Characteristics: Aircraft nearby

I saw 3 cylindrical objects flying past our Jet Blue flight as we were approaching the airport.

JACKSONVILLE, FL - On September 6, 2021 - (Labor Day), I was traveling on a Jet Blue flight from Boston, MA to Jacksonville, FL. Our plane departed Logan Airport on time at 10am....scheduled to land in Jacksonville, FL at 12:50pm. The weather was clear blue skies for the entire flight.

In full disclosure, I have been a licensed private pilot for 24 years, and a licensed drone pilot for 6 years. Typically when I fly commercially, I tend to book a window seat...on an exit row. On this flight, I was sitting in Row 12, window seat – exit row, on the left side of the aircraft. The jet configuration was two seats on the left, an aisle, and two seats on the right.

At approximately 12:35pm, we had just entered the “pattern” for landing at Jacksonville International Airport. The Jet was on a downwind leg (paralleling the runway). The Jet was heading due West, at approximately 2,800 feet in the air, traveling at roughly 240mph. I clearing saw JAX airport out of the left window. Everything at the airport was very clear. The runways, the jets, the terminal, control tower, etc.

I pressed my face against window looking west to see/gage when the pilot might turn left on the base leg of the pattern. Yes, I know it’s weird. As a pilot I tend to do that. Flying over this part of the pattern is a thick, heavy forest. In August, the leaves on the trees are very dark green.

As I looked out the window, facing west, I saw three bright white objects flying in the opposite direction. I didn’t know what they were. Big white birds, three drones, no way, but I couldn’t tell. As they got closer, they were three long cylindrical objects. They were in a triangle pattern. They were roughly 75 feet to 150 feet above the tree line. I was above the objects. I was completely stunned what I saw. It was crystal clear and their white fuselage stuck out against the dark tree line.

I could clearly see these “aircraft”. They were all white, I am guessing about the size of 2 or 3 cars (20 to 25 feet long)....maybe a bit longer. The width was about as wide as a car. They clearly had a rounded front fuselage, and a rounded rear – everything looked completely smooth. All three were the exact same size – and they were flying in a perfect triangle. These three had NO wings, NO rotors (blades), and absolutely NO exhaust. I could not see any windows.

The entire encounter lasted 10-15 seconds. As they passed our Jet Blue flight, the left wing blocked my view for a second. As they flew past the wing, I looked to the rear and followed them until they were out of sight. I was completely stunned! After the flight, the captain of our plane was standing in the aisle outside of the cockpit. I stopped and asked him if he noticed anything on radar right before he turned the base leg. He said he did not notice anything.

As I got into my vehicle, I was so upset that I pulled over and contacted the Jacksonville Control Tower. They took my information, and took a report. I told two people in the control tower what I saw. They probably thought I was nuts. When I got home, I also contact Naval Station Mayport. Since it was Labor Day, they had a skeleton crew working. I did leave 2 messages, one with a Lieutenant of Air Operations. To say that I am upset with what I saw is an understatement. Aeronautically speaking, what I observed is not possible. BUT I SAW IT! I hope I’m not cracking up.


We spoke at length with the witness, and consider him to be exceptionally capable, and credible. PD

Posted 2021-09-07

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