NUFORC Sighting 164266

Occurred: 2021-07-22 21:05 Local
Reported: 2021-08-08 22:03 Pacific
Duration: ~10 Seconds
No of observers: 2

Location: Casco, ME, USA

Shape: Teardrop
Characteristics: Lights on object, Aura or haze around object, Left a trail, Electrical or magnetic effects, Possible abduction, Animals reacted

Round Yellow UFO over Sebago Lake, fish abduction? The next night, USO.

A friend of mine and I were fishing on Kettle Cove in Sebago Lake just to the north of Ring Island (the most northwestern island in the Dingle Island Chain). Suddenly I saw a glowing, yellow (i can't stress enough...somehow it was a VERY odd hue of yellow like I have never seen before)...A bright banana-yellow object that appeared to be between 2 and 3 meters in diameter traveling against the wind from east to west at around 150 to 200 feet in the air, directly above the north shoreline at a constant speed and altitude. It appeared to be traveling at something over 100 miles per hour....maybe even 200. The object appeared to be round but had a teardrop effect as if it were a rain drop traveling horizontally and made of light/fire....

The second i saw it i said "Hey, look at that big drone!..." ...As I was saying this i realized it could not be a drone....being so big and close, it made no or very little sound...if there were any sound and not just my imagination, then it was a barely audible "whoosh" like the sound of a light breeze. The air was dead calm that night. The moment i said that, my friend looked up and saw it, and as if on cue, or as if I was "heard", it, in a fraction of a second without changing speed or course, brightened and completely vanished. Neither my friend or I could think of anything that it could possibly be.

Here, even if some sort of strange coincidence is what struck us as even more odd...the boat we were on has a very high tech brand new fish finder on board....prior to seeing this object all along that north shore, for the prior 10-15 minutes, the fish finder was lit up like a Christmas tree. THOUSANDS of fish were all congregated along this area....more together than I've ever seen and I grew up on the lake. The screen showed that from surface to the lake floor was PACKED with fish. As if there weren't an inch between each been trolling and then decided to cast....I got ONE bite but we never caught even one, which due to the number of fish and lures we were using, we shouldn't have been able to reel in without catching one. A gentleman in a nearby boat confirmed whatever phenomena we were witnessing in the lake on this fish finder....there may be record of this still in the fish finder. The minute the Yellow orb/teardrop was gone, so were the fish. We traveled ba! ck and forth and I think we saw 3 afterwards on the fish finder. I have a feeling that this had to be connected somehow to whatever we'd just seen.

The very next night we were sitting on shore about 200 yards from where we were fishing the night before, and saw 3 yellow lights in the water, (myself, my father, and a different neighbor this time) which we thought was a boat which appeared to be traveling north to South in the water about 30 yards from shore. 2 lights were around 10 feet apart with one about 12 or 13 feet in front...we then realized that this "boat" made no sound, and as it passed there were ripples in the water, but not nearly big enough to constitute a boat of the size implied by the arrangement of the lights. It too, suddenly disappeared. None of the three of us could come up with even an idea of what it was. It was traveling between 20 and 25mph. The yellow hue was very similar to what I'd seen the night before in color but these were 3 small (6 inches in diameter maybe) lights.

I believe the 2 events had to be connected. Not to make light but it appears ET was fishing along with us that first night! (With apparent major success!)

Posted 2021-08-16

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